Monday, April 17, 2017

Scenes From Our Weekend | Charlotte

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! 
 I have had quite a few questions about the sidebar of my blog and what happened to the Daily Reads section.  I am in the process of updating my blog and switching to a new template so bear with me the next few weeks as some changes take place.  Ultimately when this is all done it should be easier to navigate my blog,  I am also hoping to set it up so you can actually print out the recipes I post.  Lots of good changes there may just be some hiccups along the way.  So stay tuned for a new look soon.  

Since the kids were on Spring Break last week we spent the week in Charlotte with my family.  
I always love spending some time in Charlotte.  

I took the kids to the Nature Museum one day and they loved it.  I had not been in years, it was a fun activity for the kids.  

Sterling loved the Butterfly garden.   Oddly enough Frances got freaked out by the butterflies and thought they were trying to bite her. 

Yafo is always one of my favorite spots to grab lunch.  I wish Charleston had one!!
Outfit of the day.

Another favorite spot in Charlotte is the Wine Store.  I always stop in for wine when I am home.  I love that you can taste the wines before you buy. They had some great roses in for Summer. 

My sister and my nephew Rutledge.
Outfit Details

I met some friends for dinner at RuRu's.  I loved the patio area.  They had a great tequila selection and the Mexican rice bowl I had for dinner was really good!
We took all the boys out to dinner one night.  We left Frances and baby Rutledge with my parents.  The boy cousins had a blast!
Fried pickles at the Rusty Bucket.
What I wore:

Saturday I met some blogger friends for lunch.  One of my favorite thing about blogging is some of the amazing friends I have met.
(Mallory, Lindsey, and Josephine)
What I wore:

That night we did an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids since we had to head back to Charleston Sunday after church. 

Sterling found the golden egg and was so pumped.  Every year my parents hide one golden egg with $20 in it and all the kids fight over finding it!

Sunday we went to church with my family and then loaded up and headed back to Charleston.
What I wore:
Sunday night Sterling insisted on setting up a special Easter table for us:)  He is the sweetest boy with a heart of gold.  He honestly did a great job decorating and setting the table.
Have a great start to your week.


April of Smidge Of This said...

I love Yafo and would love to know what you ordered there. Looks delish! I typically order the hummus bowl.

Archana said...

I miss the daily reads as well.

Kim Oliver said...

Hey Natalie,
I'm excited about a print option for the recipes you post. Would you consider doing a "Favorite Cookbook" post? Maybe you have and I missed it? If I remember correctly, you like The Dude Diet...I'm about to order that one!

Unknown said...

If you put all your recipes in a book, I'll buy it!

halcyondays said...

FM and her brother are so stinkin cute! So nice that you are in close proximity to your family and your kids can spend holidays with their cousins. I enjoy your recipe posts and the salads I have tried are always so delish! Have never tried Yafo-- will give it a try.