Monday, August 23, 2010

I love Target

I love Target for many reasons. The clothes, home decor, beauty, and baby sections are awesome. How sad is it that I actually look forward to my weekly Target trips to buy diapers and formula? I could walk around that store for hours! No matter how often I go, I swear I end up spending a $100 easily each time. Toiletries, Baby stuff and food really add up fast (especially with the occasional bottle of wine and clothing purchase added in)!

I now have a new reason to love Target even more. Caldrea, one of my absolute favorite lines of soaps and candles has partnered with Target to create a line just for their stores. It is called the Caldrea Essential Collection and prices range from $5.99 to $19.99. If you have ever purchased Caldrea products before you know this is a steal! The three scents they offer are Citron Ginger, Olive Oil and Herbs de Provence. They all smell fabulous but I am especially loving the Olive Oil scent. It is such a fresh, light and clean smell, not over powering at all. I bought the three pack set which includes; hand soap, counter top spray, and dish soap all in a stainless steel caddy, for only $19.99!

I am kind of obsessed with this new line. My counters are definitely cleaner because I love smelling my new spray! And an added bonus the bottles are packaged beautifully and look great sitting out on my kitchen counter. I highly suggest you pick up some of the Caldrea products next time you are at Target, you won't be disappointed!

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Jill said...

I am obsessed with the herbs de provence scent!! BTW a great wine that they sell at Target is Middle Sister. I will admit I bought it the first time because I love the label and I am the middle sister, but the wine is really good, both the whites and the reds