Friday, November 26, 2010


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We hosted Matt's family at our house this year. Everything went well except we really didn't account for how small our oven was. We could only fit the turkey in it, so we had to cook it and then take it out and cook all our sides. Needless to say we didn't eat until almost 9:00 but everything was delicious. I tried my hand at Paula Deen's oyster dressing and it was amazing.
Since Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on all the many things I am thankful for:

-My Baby Boy. He has changed my life, enriched it, and made me a better person. His smiles and laughs are the highlight of my day. I can't imgaine my life without him!
-My Husband. He tirelessly works to provide for Sterling and I and he always makes me laugh! He has a huge heart and is honestly one of the nicest people I know. 9 years after meeting him, he is still my best friend and love of my life.
-My Family. I love them to pieces and I really wish we lived in the same city! Thank god for phones I talk to my mom and sister at least 10 times a day!
-Our Health. We are so fortunate to all be healthy, something we sometimes forgot about and take for granted.
-Wine. After 9 (really 10) long months of no alcohol it is so nice to be able to indulge in a few glasses after a long day with a fussy baby.
-My Purses. Sad but true, I love my purses. Just looking at them in my closet makes me happy. They were an investment but worth every penny because I will love them for years to come.
-Starbucks. The perfect treat for this time of the year. I love the pumpkin spice latte, peppermint mocha, carmel macchiato and the green tea latte is my newest obsession. Yes, gourmet coffee does bring me a bit of happiness!
-Fashion and Home Decor Magazines (and lets not forget US WEEKLY). It makes my day anytime I get one of my many magazines that I subscribe to in the mail. They provide me with alot of inspiration and ideas for my life.
-TJMAXX, Marshalls and HomeGoods. I love these stores, you can find the best deals and I love a bargain! While I was home my mom found some gorgeous Calvin Klein wine glasses that retailed for $30 and were at HomeGoods for $2.99. You can't beat that!
-Good Food. I love cooking and trying new recipes. I also love dining out but those days are few and far between with our baby boy. A good meal home cooked or from a restaurant makes me very happy.
-Cheese. Had to give this its own category. Love cheese and nothing goes better with a glass of wine than cheese. My newest favorite is manchego. I strongly feel that cheese makes everything taste better.
-Cookbooks. I have quite the collection of cookbooks. I will never get around to making all the recipes but I love browsing through them getting ideas for meals.
-Our Dog Nelson. She is the sweetest dog I could ask for. She is wonderful with Sterling . And even though this baby has come into her life and taken her parents attention away from her, she still just wants to love us.
-Good Jeans. I am beyond obsessed with my 7 for All Mankind "The Skinny" Jeans. They suck you in all the right places are so flattering. They are a little bit higher waisted than other jeans, preventing the dreaded muffintop. I wear them almost everyday.
-My House. I love our house and where we live.

What are you thankful for this year? My life is filled with so many blessings I thank God everyday (although I could stand to make it to church more often:)
Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving. You gotta love that everyone but Matt dressed up. He was rocking what I like to call his Bon Jovi jeans and Mountain Man top, but he looks handsome:0


Balancing Lisa said...

You have a beautiful family!! Happy Thanksgiving!

litzenbure1 said...

My family is thankful for you and your FAB sweet potato rounds!! See you soon!

Megan // Honey We're Home said...

What a precious family and baby! I love his cute Thanksgiving outfit (the baby's- ha!). Your gratitude list looks a lot like mine! I found a perfect pair of jeans recently too- sooo comfortable and flattering. I think they are Citizens of Humanity- I'll have to check what type. My current starbuck's obsession is the white mocha- love the red cups:)

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

You have such an adorable family. I've always wanted to try making oyster dressing...will have to look up Paula's. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! xo

Palmetto Priss said...

I love the pics and I would love to see that Paula Deen recipe! I haven't tried that one yet! Oh, hey- have you checked out Annie's Eats? THE BEST for food junkies like us!!

Natalie said...

What a cute family! Love your cutie's smocked outfit!