Monday, August 4, 2014

Scenes From Our Weekend

I can not believe it is August already!!  Sterling doesn't start school til after labor so we still have about 4 weeks of Summer left but, man this Summer flew by!!  I headed to Charlotte on Thursday to visit my parents and pick up Sterling who had been there since Sunday. I missed that sweet boy so much!

My mom took Sterling to do some back to school shopping and got him the camo pants he is wearing, they are so cute!  On sale with 40% off right now!

My favorite thing to do while I am in Charlotte is to hit up Southpark Mall.  I think because Charleston doesn't have a great mall, I love walking around Southpark and browsing.  Sterling loves to go to the fountain every time and throw pennies in and make a wish.
I am wearing:

While I was home we pulled out some old pictures for kicks.  I have always thought Frances Moon looked more like Matt than me, but my parents said they thought she looked a lot like me. We compared these two pictures and I do see some similarities.

I always love happy hour at my parents because my Dad makes the best martini ever.  He makes homemade blue cheese stuffed olives.  They are insanely good!

Saturday morning my sister brought us all Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  We decided to give Frances Moon one and her face was priceless.  She loved the doughnut of course.  My girl loves to dominate some food.

I always love when Frances and Finley can hang out. It is so special to have cousins so close in age.  They are 9 months apart, I remember I found out I was pregnant right before she delivered Finley.

I wore my new JCrew blouse three days in a row.  Don't judge just buy yourself one while they are such a good deal!  They come in two other colors too.  Use code DEPTOFSALE to get additional off.

 We hosted a baby shower for our dear family friend Lauren on Saturday.

  My sister is wearing my Equipment Leopard Dress (on sale) and I am in BCBG Dress from Mosaic Clothing.

Lauren decided not to find out what they are having and I love this idea of filling plastic champagne glasses with pink and blue M&M'S topped with mini cupcakes.

All of the hosts plus the adorable Mom to be!

I worked a little more on our screen porch makeover and assembled our Ikea Shelves.  I could have sworn I bought the double shelves but either I was wrong or Ikea gave me the wrong the box.  I may head back next time I am in Charlotte and get another row to add on top.  The porch is coming together slowly, next up we need to hang our new fan, install a glass door, and find a rug.

Sunday we got back in town and we were so excited to see Matt. We decided to grill out.  Matt did filets and I did a wedge salad- recipe coming soon.

Here's to a great week! 


Amy Florez {Baby Mama Juice} said...

Our mall situation is a joke! Jealous of your Southpark shopping! Love the j crew tank!!! Baby girl is a spitting image of you!!!

Happily Ever Parker said...

I totally bought that J Crew top this weekend as a post baby treat!

Unknown said...

i love that blue and white dress! so cute. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I can't believe it's August either!!! I'm in love with bot your dress and your sister's, they look amazing on you two ;)

Julia Ryan said...

LOVE a good wedge salad! And your porch is looking amazing!!! Also, I'm so into that preppy camo from crewcuts lately too. It's like a dream for messy little boys! ha!

mallory cleary said...

I like the one shelf..add a cushion for more seating! your sisters son looks exactly like her. I think FM is YOU!

Christina said...

your dad makes his own olives. that is damn impressive!!

natasha {schue love} said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! Loving that BCBG dress...such a killer fit on you!! xo

Lauren Dumas said...

do you know the name of the shelving unit you got? i am looking for something similar and wonder if i could get it online.. was it a good price? thanks!

Unknown said...

Wish we could of had a date at Southpark....such a good mall! And loving FM's face when she was dominating that donut, now I want some Krispy Kreme!! haha

Portuguese Prepster said...

That martini looks great

Staci said...

Love your mom's dress too! Details?

Unknown said...

Loved every detail! Thanks for throwing such a fabulous shower! XOXO!

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Those Cameo pants from Crewcuts are so cute, I am going to have to get a pair for my son.