Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home Tour The Den || Wingback Chairs with GDC Home

I know many of you requested I do a home tour so I thought I would start room by room and share a little peak into our home sweet home.  I am sure many of you feel the same way but most rooms in my house are a work in progress and never feel totally finished to me.  Our den though is pretty close to being finished since I had the recess lighting installed and my wing back chairs recovered.  We live in a small old ranch brick house and while I frequently yearn for more space I also truly love this little house we live in.  It was our first home we bought together and where we brought both children home from the hospital.  It holds so many special memories.  We also love our neighborhood and neighbors so we may end up doing an addition here instead of moving who knows what the future holds for us.

I present our den aka family room.  This is our main room we spend time in.  It is long and narrow which makes it awkward for furniture arrangement.  The only two things left I really want to do are buy a flat screen TV to mount on the wall (ours is an older version that can not be hung) and get some custom curtains made.  This is where I can't make a decision- I welcome any input on fabric for the curtains.  I also would love something new above the couch but Matt loves that darn mirror and I am having a hard time getting him to part with it.

I have always loved this corner in our entryway but hate the cords from the lights any tricks for that?

  and yes I realize my top book is upside down, the kids ruined the top but I still love the book so just flipped it over.  The joy of kids nothing is safe in your house:)

and my new favorite part of the room our wing back chairs!!  This is what they looked like before.
I am so pleased with the results.  I worked with GDC Home and was so pleased with the results.  I have to say they have such an impressive fabric selection and everyone there was a huge help.   If you need fabric it is wonderful because you can take as many samples as you want and even check the whole bolt of fabric out which is what I did. I had originally thought I wanted a pattern and checking out the bolts helped me to realize in the end I wanted a neutral.  I tire of things quickly and with a neutral I can easily switch out the pillows.  I decided to jazz up the neutral with brass nailheads for a polished look.

The fabric I choose for the chairs is called Maisey Sea Glass and if one GDC location doesn't have what you are looking for they will call the other or order it for you, simple as that!
This month they are running their Tableware sale and the have some gorgeous pieces.  A great time to buy entertaining pieces for the holidays.

The fabric is textured up close which I love.  I worked with Quality Upholstery and they did an excellent job for a great price if you need Upholstery work done here.

 Lets end with my little foo dogs, I love these guys.  They were one of the first things I ever won from entering a blog contest!

I always love to know details so here are a few if you have other questions feel free to email me!

-Paint Color | Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
Couch | Crate and Barrel
Leopard Pillows | Piper Collection
Needlepoint Leopard Pillows | Dransfield and Ross
Ottomans and Matching Pillows | Custom
Side Table | Vintage from my Grandparents
Art Work | Modern Painting Hills Plum
Rug | Karastan
Cane Back Chair | Estate Find
Console Piece TV sits on | Vintage Antiques of South Windemere



Unknown said...

Looks beautiful!I love that you hold out for something you love and don't rush to just fill it up. Everytime I do that I end up being sick of whatever cheap junk I bought and wish I'd held out.

I've used command hooks on the backside of my furniture and threaded the cords through them to hide them. Just an idea!

Laura said...

Yes command hooks makes a mini version and you can use those to thread the wires down the legs of the furniture to make them less noticeable. Love your house!

Unknown said...

I love this room! It is such a great mix of modern and vintage and new and old! The new upholstery is fabulous! Have you checked Spoonflower for fabric for curtains? I found a few on there I am using for curtains in our new house and a bench because they allow you to change the size and colors of the patterns.

Katharine @ SouthernBourbonMountains said...

I use command strips or fishing wire to hid my cords. It drives me crazy too!!!! Just snake them down the legs of the tables so you can't see them. If you have to use an extension cord to make it work you can do that also! Room looks great and I think if you get a TV hung ont he wall make sure you pay someone to hide those cords (ours is on brick and a pain in the ass) I would shop for TV's near the holidays..they are so damn cheap now and you can get netflix right on the TV!

donna said...

I love your taste. I also love that your home is not your typical copycat of Pottery Barnor catalogue design. Very elegant and functional!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Love the color palette, very soothing! The chairs look great and I really love your entryway console.

Unknown said...

i love your blue chairs!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

kgunn said...

I love your taste! I need some home inspiration and love seeing what you have done with yours. My Mom has always made "cord covers" to cover cords. Basically a peice of tubed fabric that blends with the wall and wraps around the cord - kind of like a scrunchie. They seem pretty easy to make but I bet you could order them too. Just an idea!

Delta Daisies said...

Everything looks so good!

Gracie Johnston said...

Love your living room! Fabric cord covers are always great for hiding/adding a little flair to your cords!

Haley Marozas said...

Natalie! It looks great! I know that Hobby Lobby offers cord covers that you just slide over the cord to whatever lamp/applicance.They are kind of scrunchy. It wouldn't hide the cord but would be nicer to look at so to speak. They make a range of colors.

Tess said...

I think someone else mentioned it, but command hooks to thread the wires down the legs of the furniture has done the trick for me.

*and full disclosure, strong (and well placed) tape can do the trick too.

Katie said...

Looks great Natalie! Chairs look fantastic and I love the fabrics you chose!! :)

kate said...

Lookin' good, Mama! Love the pillows! As for the wires- I literally tape them down the back/down the legs. Ghetto but it works;)

sue smith said...

I love your place! It all looks so cute. And the fabric on the chairs is spot on-excellent choice. I'm dying to see you try black paper shades on your entry lamps. I think they would really pop with the black books, gold, and green ceramic!

Lindsay, XO Lindsay said...

Looks so good!! Love your wingback chairs especially!! My trick for long rooms like that is to break it up into 2 separate sitting areas. :)

Unknown said...

The chairs look brand new! You've done a lot with the small space...I know what it's like to have a small living room!
California To Carolina
The Gym Bunny

The Tall Skinny House said...

Hi Natalie! I love the chairs- GDC reupholstered my neighbor's couch and did a terrific job. :)

As for the cords- I have a small lamp on my bar cart and had the same challenge. I pulled the cord over to one of the posts on the cart and attached it with a clear zip tie. It looks like you could do the same with the 2 posts on your table. Fasten the cord to the very top of that post with a zip tie and then the cord should hang straight down behind the post to hide it. I hope this helps. :)

misty Murphy said...

have you thought of painting the mirror white? Or turquoise? it would pick up the foo dog's color. love it all :)

Emily {Luscious Life & Decor} said...

Love the new look of the chairs! Curtains will definitely finish the room and make it feel cozy. Instead of the mirror on the wall (since you do have one on the entryway table) you could do a gallery wall over the couch. Or, add a sconce on each side of the mirror to fill the space more. Another option is to do a large piece of art (oversized).
(Luscious Life & Decor)

Unknown said...

They sell cord covers at Home Depot. You can even Google "Home Depot Cord Covers" and you'll see what I'm referring too. The best part is you can have these painted or paint them yourself so they blend right in with the color of your wall and hide the cords completely. They stick right on the wall so they're very easy to install.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment, but your living room looks amazing!!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

So fun to see a peek into your home! I love all the little decorative accessories and that abstract piece of art above the end table!

Unknown said...

Everything looks fabulous!! I love the newly upholstered wing back chairs. That fabric looks awesome and I love the color. I think for your entry table that you can just use some type of tape to run the cords behind the legs of that table!! I love all the attention to detail and can't wait to see the rest of the house!

Unknown said...

Love your den! It looks oh so fab

Beau Vie Blog

Monique Fletcher said...

You have such a beautiful den, Natalie! It looks very inviting and comfortable to just sit there and spend some quality time for yourself. Anyway, judging from how your winged-back chairs looked before, I could say that the transformation was superb! I didn’t recognize it at all! And it looks even more beautiful with their new look. Cheers!

Monique Fletcher @ Safeclean by Guardsman