Monday, October 6, 2014

Scenes From Our Weekend

Let me start by saying we had the best weather this weekend.  It was sunny and the air was crisp- it was just perfect!!

Since October 1st marked the beginning of breast cancer awareness month,  I have been sure to wear my pink. 
Did you know:
-In the U.S., 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
-Every 19 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer.
-Every 15 minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer in the U.S.
-When breast cancer is detected early in the localized stage, the 5 year survival rate is over 95%.
-It has been estimated that if every woman over the age of 50 had her yearly mammogram, breast cancer deaths in this age group would drop by 25% or more.
Scary facts but we can all work together to fight this disease.  Tieks wants to join in the battle and help spread awareness.
 I love the ballerina pink Tieks that they were kind enough to send me.  They are the perfect shade of pink and so comfortable.  Tieks are my go to flats, I always love their color selection.

I enjoyed the most delicious grilled Cobb salad from Butcher and Bee.  I want to try and grill my lettuce now too.

I finally got around to organizing my photos and putting them in albums.  I had a stack of photos sitting out for a good month that needed to be put away.  I came across this picture of Sterling at 10 months around the same age as Frances now and it was crazy to me how much they look alike.  Little twins.

If you are size nine go to TJMaxx in Mt Pleasant and buy these Vince shoes.  I really wanted them but they just weren't practical for me but I sure do love them.

Sterling had another soccer game on Saturday and had his pictures taken before.  I am dying over how cute these are.

I went and looked at fridges for our kitchen and I think I narrowed it down to this Samsung one. I have never bought a Samsung appliance though curious if anyone has?
I can't wait to have a double door fridge with extra space.

Frances figured out where our snack drawer was and was so proud of herself.

I stopped by the 20th Birthday celebration at Celadon Home.  Champagne and home shopping is always fun.  I want to find a spot for that killer purple rug.

Enjoyed happy hour with my parents since they were in town visiting.
Whipped up a delicious spread paired with an excellent Hess wine my mom brought.

  I got my latest wine club shipment on Saturday.  I love Wine Awesomness and highly recommend it.  I do the three bottle mixed pack each month but there is a 6 bottle option as well.  You can do all white, all red, or mixed.  I always love the wines and they are usually ones I have never tried before.  You can sign up Here to get 30% off your first order.

Found these two in bed together Sunday morning just giggling. It was the sweetest thing ever.

New snack obsession.

Lastly, I am teaming up with a wonderful group of ladies for a Fall giveaway. I don't do giveaways often but this is an awesome one with $500 cash and some other great goodies (I love the plaid scarf)!

Your hosts for the giveaway are:

Enter Here to win!!!




"B" said...

Sibling love is the best! Have you tried the Roasted Red Pepper Edamame Humus! YUM! Run and get some - it's delicious! The giveaway is so fun, and I wish it would stay warm here JUST a little bit longer.

Ally Harding said...

We have a Samsung refrigerator and the only issue we've had is a few lights on the key pad have gone out and the ice tends to shoot at you when you're trying to get ice. Besides that no big problems! Mary's Gone Crackers are my new favorite crackers. I've heard they have big boxes at Costco but I've yet to see them. I always want to try the Cobb salad from B&B it looks so good! Beet hummus sounds delicious!

Katharine @ SouthernBourbonMountains said...

We have a Samsung Fridge and have loved it except the ice maker but I think newer models have fixed that issue.

Lindsay, XO Lindsay said...

Phew! I just went through that entire entry list, and it took me about 5 minutes. Hope I win!!! And I love the sibling snuggles in the crib! You have the most adorable little babes.

Unknown said...

We bought a Samsung fridge 5 months ago and it's GREAT! Love all the different storage options and double doors. Couple things though - 1) Shows finger prints really easily. I had a Frigidaire Smudge Proof before and it never showed ONE print (but then we moved).
2) They are pretty deep fridges. We ended up getting the counter dept model - which meant less room inside, but so much happier with how it looks in our kitchen.

Happy shopping!

megan said...

We have all Samsung appliances and love them. Have never had an issue!!

Unknown said...

Sterling and FM are so adorable together!! I can't wait to see your kitchen makeover, we have Whirlpool so I'm not much help! Happy monday!

Maggie Jones said...

We have that exact Samsung and we love it! We picked it because it was one of the most roomy fridges we found, and it also doesn't show fingerprints too bad.

Ali-Gator said...

We just bought a Samsung refrigerator and can't say enough good things about it. My loving husband and I did all this research and bought the one with the built in soda stream and the speciality drawer that can change temperatures for wines/ party dishes; deli snacks; cold drinks; meat/fish. It's perfect! Buy it!!!

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

Looks like a perfect weekend! I have heard that Samsung refrigerators can be a pain to fix because the parts aren't in the US. But, I've heard that usually when the parts fail, it has to do with the door ice maker, which that one doesn't seem to have (I prefer that they are NOT on the door anyway!).

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

Such a lovely fall weekend. Loving this Carolina weather!!! And beet hummus? Holy moly. Yes, please!!! xx

mandy mcgregor said...

I LOVE the little sports photos! Did you order the button? That's when you know your an official member of the soccer moms club! Ha! I always do because it cracks me up. Sounds like a fun and productive weekend!

birdie to be said...

Love your photos as always... I just wanted to mention, we have a Samsung fridge and love it. My father in law also has one and swears by it. We haven't had any issues in the 3 years we've had it. Hope that helps!

megan said...

Shop local and go see my dad, Chuck, at Plugs Appliance on Sam Rittenburg! They always price match and if you tell him you know me, he'll probably knock off a little more! :) He works Monday - Thursday, and Saturday.

the style hostess said...

I have heard great things about Wine Awesomeness!! Glad to hear you like them!

Simply Tasheena said...

Your weekend looks amazing & I love the sibling love :) too cute

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Wow, Frances and Sterling look so much alike and they are so cute together, loved that snap of them in the crib!

Katie S. said...

We have that exact fridge in our house and having the double doors is a game changer! You will love!

Allan said...

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