Friday, December 5, 2014

Gift Ideas for the Men AKA the hardest people to shop for

If you are anything like me then the men in your life are the hardest people to shop for.  I struggle so much when it comes to my Dad and Matt and deciding what to buy for them.   I think it is because they don't really give me any gift ideas and lets be real men don't like to shop like women do.
I rounded up a few of my Dad and Matt's favorite things to give you girls an idea of gifts for the men in your life. 

Both my Dad and Matt love the Levis jeans.  They are not into the designer ones and you can't beat the price at $68.  I love them too, they are classic and not too over the top.
This is the version they both wear and love.

 a few other washes in the same style:

jeans for men

I also find that athletic shorts are a good gift.  Both Matt and my Dad wear athletic shorts often.  
This Nike Pair is great.

a few other athletic options for your men.
I think the Fitness band would be such a cool gift if you man loves to workout.  It comes in 4 different colors if orange isn't your favorite.  It tracks steps, calories, distance, and activity time.


My Dad Swears by these BOSE Headphones.  He flies often for work and always packs these. My sister and  I actually chipped in and gave him these for Christmas a few years ago.  A bit pricey but so worth the money.
|| Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

This version is not the noise cancelling kind but they are on sale and it is hard to find Bose on sale!

Outerwear is also a good idea.  I know every year when my grandfather was still alive he would give each of us Patagonia or North Face Jackets.  Matt still wears his!
My personal Favorite is this black Northface Fleece and its on sale!

Other great choices:


and if you need just some miscellaneous ideas:
I have to tell you we received the Bose Wi-Fi speakers below for a wedding gift and they are amazing! and what guy doesn't love a flask or a manly knife with a cutting board- great gift idea if your man hunts or fishes. Plus how cool are the Northface E Tip gloves? You can still use your IPhone and IPad while wearing them!

men gifts

I know I mentioned before but Nordstrom now price matches so definitely take advantage of that if you see a better price! Plus free shipping and returns always,  which to me makes online shopping that much easier.  The selection at Nordstrom for the gents is really awesome.  Happy Shopping!

thanks to nordstrom for sponsoring this post!


Portuguese Prepster said...

I gifted my fiance Bose headphones last year! Definitely a big hit.

A Manolescu said...

Haha, my hubs LOVES to shop...much more than I do, actually ;) The noise canceling Bose headphones are totally worth the price, husband loves his. Great picks! I will say that my husband used to think the same way about designer jeans until he tried AG, and now he won't buy jeans that don't stretch, lol.


Anonymous said...

Seriously they are the hardest, great post!

Unknown said...

I are so hard! Luckily, the Mr. usually gives me a little wish list so that helps but I'm loving all of your picks!

mandy mcgregor said...

Definitely the hardest to shop for! Thanks for some great ideas! Hope you had a great time with baby girl on her birthday! She is just the cutest :)