Thursday, December 4, 2014


Happy Thursday.  Lets Dish. 

The girls at LAKE WEEKEND WEAR were sweet enough to send me two pieces from their line and I fell in love with it.  The clothes are so soft (made of silk) and comfortable yet still stylish enough to wear out- a genius idea really.  They are a great option other than wearing workout clothes.  They have four pieces in the line : tank top, short sleeve top, pants, and shorts.  They all come in the same 5 colors (Mint, Steel Blue, Petal, Taupe, and Poppy) and can be mixed and matched.   What I love is you can wear them together or mix them in with your day to day pieces.  I frequently wear the short top with my jeans.
I have the pants in poppy and the silk tee in taupe and adore them.   I put them on most nights to get cozy:)
If you want to try out the line use code NATALIE20 to get 20% off your order.  This would make a fabulous gift for someone who loves lounge wear.  I am getting the shorts next! You can shop the collection HERE.
BTW I am wearing an XS in both they run on the larger side.

On Tuesday night after the RHBH I watched the Girlfriends Guide to Divorce and loved it.  Watch it or DVR it it is really funny.

I made Ina's Roasted Butternut Squash Salad for dinner this week and man was it good. I have made it before but it had been awhile.  I highly recommend the recipe.  I used kale instead of arugula but otherwise followed the recipe.

One of my black friday purchases arrived and I am loving it.  It is actually still 40% off.  I am wearing a size small it fits TTS.  The color blue is so pretty in person.

Another black Friday purchase that I am smitten with is this JCREW nightgown.  I love to sleep in nightgowns and was going to take a picture in it but then I thought wait, that is weird to post a picture in my nightgown. But what I like about it is you can wear it around the house and it is not see thru or inappropriate plus it is the softest thing ever.  I bought a small in the black and it fits great.  I love it so much I just ordered the gray as well.

I am so excited because Charleston just got a Pink Chicken Store!  I stopped in this week with 
Frances Moon to check it out and it is awesome.  The cutest girl stuff ever.  I will be there Saturday night hosting an opening event if anyone local wants to stop in!  The event is from 5-8
 Frances Moon of course came home with both the adorable dresses she is wearing.

So confession I have tried to start meditating.  Not the chanting kind but I have started trying to take 5-10 mins usually at night to sit and breathe deeply to try and clear my head.  I have a hard time relaxing and my mind is always racing and I heard meditation helps.  You know it has made me way more relaxed and I have slept better at night too.  On that same subject I just ordered Eckhart Tolle's a New Earth to read- anyone read it?  Oprah approves so must be good:)

I have a new breakfast obsession.  Grapefruit and bacon.  Most days I eat turkey bacon but a few times I splurge and eat the real kind which is way better.   If I am really hungry I add a piece of avocado toast.  I swear eating the grapefruit everyday has helped me drop a few pounds.  I know they say it ups your metabolism and I have lost 2-3 pounds since I started eating it.  

Blake Lively, makes me want to be pregnant again.  She looks amazing and she is having Ryan Reynolds baby enough said. Jealous.

The cutest Santa Cookie and Cocoa dishes from Papersnob arrived this week.  Sterling was so excited about them!  They also come in a pink and blue design as well.  They are melamine so the kids can't break them so adorable!

21 days til Christmas!


Liz said...

girl - you are so funny! true story that i have started to meditate too. i try for every day but it never happens. there's a free app called headspace that has a 10 day tutorial where you can just sit and it walks you through the process. i like it a lot...not hokey or uncomfortable. i've heard great things about meditating for your brain activity and stress level. xo

Jillian said...

ohh i need to check out that shop! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Portuguese Prepster said...

Blake Lively is a goddess!

A Manolescu said...

I meditate, too...or at least I try to! You're right, it really does help...and yup, I just do the "focus on the breath" thing, no chanting necessary :)
I do like music, though, and youtube has some good stuff. Hope you don't mind me including a link, but this is my favorite, so calming:


Unknown said...

Blake Lively would look good in trash bag. Ugh! She makes me sick!

Carly Messmer said...

I just started meditating through an app called Headspace. It's really nice because it helps guide your practice. I know I would just sit there and get distracted on my own, so this has been a good way to keep me focused. It's a nice break during my day and leaves me feeling much more relaxed afterwards.

Ally Harding said...

Glad to hear that show was good. I meant to record it but forgot. Blake Lively may look better pregnant than not. She's not human. I need to start mediating. I have so much anxiety and my mind is always racing!

KatiePerk said...

Blake Lively is an unfair pregnant lady. She is gorgeous. I wanted to check out that show. Thanks for the reminder.

Lindsay, XO Lindsay said...

Blake Lively makes me want to be pregnant too! Then I remembered I'm short and squatty and will probably gain 80 pounds. I always tell myself I'm going to meditate and do other various things to relax and clear my head, but it hasn't happened yet. May be my New Year's resolution!

Katie S. said...

I am ordering that nightie! It looks so soft. And Blake Lively...well I can only pray I look like her with a bun in the oven. Stunning!

Pam Morris said...

Natalie- Thank you for the head's up on the JCrew sale. I clicked over and ordered gifts for my daughter, son and daughter in law! Including 2 of those nightshirts. Also- A New Earth is life changing. I read it several years ago during a particularly challenging stretch and found it to be extremely helpful. It's not an easy read, but worth the trouble. Happy Holidays!

Boston150 said...


Can I ask where you got your living room rug? Whenever I see in your blog posts, it is the only rug I want! It is gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

My friends in Savannah started Lake! Love the line, and glad you did, too!

Anonymous said...

Look cozy, will have to check it out!

Taylor said...

genius idea for a clothing shop - their stuff looks so cute and comfy. I used to do grapefruit everyday before the wedding and I feel like it totally helped too - thanks for the reminder to get back on that! these honeymoon pounds have stuck around for 5 months too long :)

Taylor said...

OH, and most important, I cannot wait to watch Girlfriends Guide to Divorce its on my DVR my friends said it was great!

AHughes said...

You should try the "legs up the wall" yoga pose. So many wonderful benefits and the closest I can get to meditating properly. The book is great, but it is certainly not an easy read as it's involved and written in a manner to make you think!

Unknown said...

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