Friday, July 17, 2015

Non-Maternity Maternity Style

Today is a reader request day.  I received an email wanting some suggestions for non-maternity clothes that you could wear during pregnancy and after.  With both of my pregnancies I bought minimal maternity clothes. It seemed like such a waste to me to buy something I could only wear 9 months plus I was not a fan of most of the maternity items I came across.  Really the only maternity pieces I bought were a pair of jeans (old navy has great cheap maternity jeans), jean shorts, and several maternity tanks.  Otherwise I tried to use pieces from my closet. 

A tip is to shop at TJmaxx or Marshalls and Forever 21 for cheap finds.  You can always size up from your normal size and find some great cheap alternatives there.  ASOS also has a great maternity section if you want actual maternity wear.

A few non-maternity maternity staples for me were:
I wore these my entire pregnancy. Towards the end I would just wear them under my belly.  They were even better afterwards.  I swear they helped flatten my stomach.   I wore them almost everyday for the first month after I delivered Frances and I still wear them!

I lived in this dress while pregnant and I still wear it now!  It is so loose and flowy you can wear it the whole nine months.
Here is a view of me wearing it pregnant and not pregnant. and yep I love it so much I own it in 3 colors:)

Trapeze dresses are always perfect maternity dresses because they flare out. This one also comes in gray.
Hatch is line that came out right at the end of my pregnancy with Frances.  It is genius.  The clothes are made to be worn during your pregnancy and after.  I love all the Hatch Designs, I wish it would have come out earlier in my pregnancy.  If you click on the link for the dresses it will show you a non-pregnant model wearing the dress as well so you can see how it fits both ways.  You can view the entire Hatch collection here.

I loved ponchos while I was pregnant. I had a Vince one I wore all the time over jeans and dresses.  This Vince version is 50% off.  A classic piece you could wear during and after pregnancy.
 Here is picture of mine paired with a stripe dress. The stripe dress I picked up at Old Navy. I was 9 months pregnant here, that is the great thing about ponchos you can wear them the entire time.
I know this seems weird but I loved a fitted knit skirt while pregnant.  It was so comfortable and it looked so cute with loose blouses and tees.  I owned this Alexander Wang skirt in green and wore it all the time.  Below is a picture of it and another example of a fitted knit skirt.

 The JCrew swing sweater was my favorite during my pregnancies.  I actually wore it to the hospital the day I delivered Frances.  Stock up on these they are amazing.  The lightweight linen version is on sale now too. Use code GOSHOPPING to get extra 30% off.

This is picture of me wearing it right after I had Frances.

NINE | Liz Lange Tank
These tanks are Maternity but I swear by them!  I actually still wear mine today.  Since they ar longer they are great layered with skinny jeans and leggings.  You will not find a better tank top for the price, $12.99. And right now they are buy one get one 50% off. 

I rounded up a few other pieces that are Non-Maternity but would be great for before and after.
I always welcome reader requests so shoot me an email if you have an idea!


Ally- Life as I know it said...

Great list! I ordered the One Resort Maxi Dress and it looked horrible on me! It looks so cute on other pregnant girls but for me it looked like a night gown. So it had to go back, I was so sad!
Ally- Life as I know it

Sharon said...

I would like to recommend, thrift stores or consignment shops. Those are great, inexpensive options as well!

Unknown said...

I can't wear the Old Navy maternity jeans because I am so short and they just didn't fit right, but Maternal America (get at nordstrom) has been amazing, and they can be worn after pregnancy b/c they don't look SO maternity! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list! Question, what bra do you wear with the One by Pink Stitch Dress? I love it but am still breastfeeding so not sure braless would be an option, lol! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting! This is awesome and very helpful!

Lauren said...

I keep going back to this post because I'm pregnant now, and it's so helpful! :) I know this is a long shot, but might you have any interest in selling your Vince sand-colored poncho?