Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life Lately.

My S'well water bottle arrived and I love it!!  I ended up going with the medium size.  I like that it fits in my car cup holder and my purse.  It really does keep beverages ice cold for hours.  I was surprised how cold my water stayed.  I went with this blue pattern but there are so many great options. 

I finally tried grilled lettuce!  It was full of so much flavor.  I made Heather Cristo's recipe with corn and pickled cherries, it was amazing.  Crazy flavor combination but they went together so well.

I am loving the new Justin Beiber song, Where are you Now.  Favorite song to run to these days.

I am now convinced we need a small dog.  Sterling and Frances love my parent's Maltese.  I secretly would love a small dog too but not sure I can handle two kids and two dogs- haha.
 and speaking of Frances we just tried out pig tails.  I mean how adorable right??  The belly and the pig tails make my heart sing.

I finally tried out 492 King with some girlfriends.  Loved the inside, the decor was so cool.  The food was really good too just small portions or tasting size as they call it.  I had the pasta and watermelon salad and really liked both.

We spent time with my parents last week and last weekend.  Our favorite thing is happy hour on their deck because the view is so gorgeous.

Been loving rompers.  Found this one at Loft.  Also comes in black online.

We celebrated Matt's Birthday with what else??  A spongebob cake!  He was thrilled:)

I never get tired of where we live.  The sunrises and sunsets have been so amazing lately.

In complete and total denial Sterling starts kindergarten in 10 days.  I have been an emotional mess. He is growing up so fast. 

Still loving my roses but this Pinot Grigio is so good.  Locals I bought mine at the wine store near the Ashley Marina.

Lots of time spent outside.
and yes Sterling is Minion obsessed.

Happy Thursday!


Alessandra Thomas said...

I got a Swell water bottle as well and it's amazing how cold it keeps my water. A full 24 hours later there was still ice in my bottle!

prince snow farm said...

Ooh that water bottle is so pretty! And grilled lettuce? I think I will love this because I love veggies!

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

You have me convinced that I need to try grilled lettuce. Looks amazing! Great photos as always!

natasha {schue love} said...

Your parent's view is just stunning!! I hope I make it out your way one day...would love to visit that area!! xx

Jen Watts said...

Charleston has the BEST scenery!! You and Frances Moon are both the prettiest little ladies. Carsyn starts preschool this fall and I am already losing sleep.. #insertallthecryingemojis

KatiePerk said...

I am so not ready for school traffic. YIKES! Love the pigtails on FM! So cute! The sunsets have been gorgeous lately. I have not seen many sunrises...

DanielleWoods91711 said...

The sandals you are wearing in your pic with the romper, where are they from? Love them!

Unknown said...

If you like that Justin Bieber song, you should download the whole Skrillex/Diplo Jack U album, it is GREAT to run to. You can also listen to it on Spotify if you're unsure!

E Hayes said...

As an owner of two dogs and two kids (ha), there is definitely a fine line between two and crazy! Personally, as much as I love our dogs, both my husband and I agree we will never have two again. Not only is the financial cost (double the vet and med bills), one of our dogs requires grooming. We figure if someday down the road we only have one, it'll be a bigger breed, so food expense will prob be a wash, but the work is just draining, which sounds silly. It'd be better if we had a fenced yard to let them out, but we still believe dogs should be walked, so H is on dog duty, while I'm on diaper. Our dogs are complete opposite, one will potty the minute her feet touch grass where our other will only do his business by being walked all the way around the other side of the neighborhood. It's the last thing he wants to do deal with first thing in the morning or at night after being gone for a good 10hours.... I think maybe if our two dogs were more alike it'd be easier, but it definitely is work. I know you rescued your current pup, maybe you can foster to see how it works with your family?