Monday, August 17, 2015

The Last Days of Summer

I can't believe our Summer has come to an end.  I honestly feel like it flew by this year.  This morning I will take Sterling to his first day of kindergarten.  Thank goodness they let us walk them in the first week although I am terrified I am going to start bawling the moment I get to his classroom.   He is ready but I am not.  This is my first born, my baby and I am not quite ready for this step.  For 5 years he has been my side kick and while I will be happy for some alone time and one on one time with Frances I will dearly miss him.  But alas this is part of life and having kids. You have to let them grow up a little.

This past week I really tried to spend some one on one time with Sterling.  I sent Frances to stay with my parents for a few days so I could focus on just him before school started.

We hit up the Riverbank Zoo which was really fun.  The kids loved seeing all the animals.  The Riverbanks zoo was nice because you could navigate thru there fairly quickly and it was an easy day trip from Charleston.  We toured the zoo in about 2 hours then had a delicious lunch at Dipratos!

We loved the lion and flamingos, they were our favorite animals.
and this little monkey loved Sterling, he got right up to the glass to look at him.

After the zoo my mom took Frances back to Charlotte and I had two and half days just with Sterling.
We enjoyed a few meals out which was so nice because Frances is difficult to dine out with these days.  We saw the Minions movie and did some back to school shopping.

Enjoyed a beautiful evening walk.

We also hit up our pool.
Cooked two of my favorite meatless meals.  Matt and I have still been trying to eat primarily vegetarian meals and we are feeling really good.

My parents brought Frances back in town so we got to spend time with them as well. 
We always love happy hour on their deck.

Ended our weekend labeling things and getting ready for school.
The labels are Minted, they are waterproof and so awesome.

For all you Lily lovers the big sale starts this morning at 8:00am.  I am hoping to snag a few dresses and rompers for Frances Moon!  You can shop it all HERE.

Good Luck this week Mamas.


Anonymous said...

You will do fine, pretty mama! Just try to focus on Francis. I am a teacher and Sterling should be excited to start school! My gosh, you are such an awesome mom, just keep on enjoying everything y'all do at night and on the weekends! Sterling will be fine, it's just us mamas that have a hard time! Good luck Monday!!! I will pray for you! :)

Antelope22 said...

Hope Sterling has an absolutely wonderful day at school! Time does fly so very is impossible to hold onto no matter how hard we try. Just enjoy! Wednesday I send my first born off to college! What the heck?! Talk about time flying! He is attending Otterbein University as a Zoo and Conservation Science major. He has always wanted to be Jack Hannah...some dreams never change! Hope Sterling reaches all of his! And if you cry, not a problem, I have been crying (when no one is looking) all summer! ;) But in my defense, my baby starts 6th grade the same day!! Double whammy!

Leslie said...

Your children are so precious! I know that Sterling is going to love kindergarten and thrive!

Pink and Fabulous said...

Good luck mama! Sterling will do great and it will get better! He's so lucky to get so loved on before he starts school! You're doing a great job :)

Unknown said...

amazing ...adorable...great!!!