Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Day in My Life

I have had several requests to do a day in my life post.  My life is not very exciting but here you go! This is a pretty typical day although sometimes things change. 

alarm goes off
I usually press snooze once then get out of bed.
I immediately brush my teeth (I hate morning breath) and then I go make my cup of hot lemon water.  After that I go wake Sterling up.  This can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to get him up.  Why does kindergarten start so early??
Frances usually hears me getting Sterling up so of course she wants to get up too.  
I feed both kids breakfast and make their lunches for the day while they eat.

Matt or I take Sterling to school, we usually rotate days depending on his work schedule.  The other stays home with Frances.  After I drop Sterling off I make a cup of decaf coffee and a batch of green juice for Matt and I, then I sit down to finish up my blog for that day and try to respond to a few emails.  I let Frances watch Paw Patrol during this time so I can work.

I make myself breakfast and if I have time I quickly read a few blogs while I eat. 
Then I do a few household chores like empty the dishwasher (I swear I empty it everyday), start a load of laundry (that is never ending too) and make the beds.  I hate an unmade bed!!  If I am not going to the gym I shower at this point too.  Otherwise I throw on a bit up make-up and workout clothes- and yes I wear make-up to the gym, I don't really go anywhere without make-up.  
I also get Frances dressed and ready for the day. I talked her into pigtails today it I am loving them!

I take Frances to school.  She does Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

I hit up the gym.  I do 30 minutes on the treadmill of running intervals, then 20 minutes on the elliptical.  Or on Tuesdays and Thursdays I do an hour barre class.
For those who asked I am still loving my yoga mat.  

It is a bad habit but after the gym I usually hit the Starbucks drive thru (I mean its right beside my gym) for an iced green tea.  Then I head to the grocery store.  I also use this time to run other errands I have like post office, dry cleaners, Target etc.

Head home unload groceries, take a quick shower, and start assembling a salad for lunch.  This week I made one my favorites, Asian Kale Salad.  I usually don't have time to eat before I pick up Frances so I just prep the food.  

Pick up Frances from school.  She always falls asleep in the car so I just carry her in and lay her down in her crib and she keeps napping.  Then I sit down and eat lunch.  I usually power thru a show I have recorded like Housewives or Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce while I eat.  

I use this time to finish up laundry and straighten up the house that is normally a wreck from that morning.  Then I sit down and work on my blog til time to pick up Sterling

Pick up Sterling from school.  After school I try and take the kids to do an activity.  We usually have a playdate, hit up the park, go to the library, or make some sort of art/cooking craft at home. Today we stopped by the drug store and then hit up the park.

Get home and start working on dinner prep.  I let the kids rest and watch tv during this time.  This is what usually happens while I cook,  they pull out everything they can and make a huge mess.
For dinner this night I made Salmon Cakes, squash, and navy beans.

Dinner for the kids.  If Matt is working late I usually go ahead and eat with them too.  Otherwise I wait and eat with Matt.  Whether I eat or not I at least always try to sit down with the kids and talk while they eat.
We usually do Sterling's homework at this time too after we eat.
I quickly clean up dishes and wipe down counters.

Bath time.  I used to love bath time, now I dread it.  Sterling and Frances basically fight the entire time, hitting and splashing water everywhere.

We start the bedtime routines that includes brushing teeth and reading a few books and saying prayers.   Frances still likes to be rocked so either Matt or I rock her for a bit. Then I am not kidding for the next hour or two someone keeps asking for something.  They need water, or Sterling wants a pen to write in his journal, or they need to ask me something- their elaborate list goes on and on.   They are masters at extending bedtime.

The kids are finally asleep and I sit down.  Matt and I don't watch much tv but we do it is usually Netflix.  We are still powering thru Mad Men and loving it.  

This is also when I put on a face mask.  Still loving my Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud one I got for Christmas.  It is awesome and I really think it has made my skin more even and brighter.

Get ready for bed, wash face, brush teeth, and then I get in bed and read a bit to fall asleep.  I just started 800 Grapes and I am liking it so far.  It is a light and easy read compared to Room which I just finished.

I then sleep stalk my kids and call it a day.


Unknown said...

Courtney@PancakesandSparkles said...

Love seeing how people spend their days! I have started watching mad men too, so good! Also going to look into that face mask as my skin has been horrible lately.

Unknown said...

Love these kind of posts, thanks! Sounds very much like my days when my two were younger. Now they are both in school so I get the whole day free, it's very nice. I just binge watched Mad Men too, loved it, would watch like 3 episodes a day. ;)

And holy cow, Sterling does go to school early, yikes!! My grade schooler starts at 9am, thought it's bad enough when my middle schooler has to go at 8am, lol.

Would love your recipe for the dinner, sounds yummy!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said...

Fun post, busy mama!!!

Pretty in Pink said...

I just started Mad men a couple of weeks ago but I am finding season 3 so boring! I hope it gets better.

Unknown said...

I love the face mask too! It made my skin look amazing! Your blog is one of my favorites, I have made so many of your recipes!

Desiree said...

I seriously love these kind of posts! thanks for sharing ;)

Unknown said...

curious if that mask has ever irritated your skin or not? love the blog!

Unknown said...

does the mask irritate your skin at all?

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I always love these day in the life posts and actually took pictures throughout the day yesterday to try and write one myself!

Meg said...

Gotta say - while I am not a morning person - man getting home early in afternoon sounds nice.
Our day is 9:25-3:50 - in December it's dark after school.

It's fun to see how you are _so_ productive. Man. An alarm clock??? I haven't used once since HS

A Manolescu said...

Only wish I could be this productive!! I am SO slow at everything :p Enjoyed this daily routine post, thanks!