Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our New 4Sleep Mattress + Giveaway

When Matt and I first got married we had a queen size bed, we quickly realized we needed and wanted a king size bed.  When his parents decided to move down here they gave us their old king bed which was so generous and nice.  Problem was it was already fairly old.   We used it for probably 5 years and then Matt started having back problems.  His chiropractor even suggested a new mattress to help with some of us back pain.  
Enter 4Sleep, when they offered to give us a mattress to try out we were both beyond excited.  As adults it's the little things that make you happy like a new mattress.  I was a little uncertain about this mattress as it arrives folded up in a box.  I was like how can a full size mattress fit in this small box, but it does.  

It arrived and we eagerly took it out of the box.  Here are a few pictures of what it looked like inside and as we pulled it out.

I love the pattern on the fabric.  

I think Matt has been the most excited of all.  As soon as we put the mattress down he had to test it out.  Then he said he might never get up.

You can see from the side angle how thick and plush this mattress is.

A few facts about 4Sleep Mattresses

- They are made with four 11 inches memory foam layers
- Every mattress comes with a 10 year warranty
- Free fed ex shipping
- 100 days return policy.  You can try your mattress out for 100 days and if you don't love it,  they will take it back. 

I also found their prices were way less than many other memory foam mattress companies.   All the mattresses are under $1000.

Within a few nights of sleeping on our mattress Matt and I were in heaven.  I swear I get excited to get in bed.  The mattress is plush but offers support at the same time.  If one person moves the other side of the mattress stays still.  It has also helped Matt's lower back pain.  Plus it is so comfortable!!
With our old mattress I had to use a thick mattress cover and pillow top insert and it still wasn't comfortable.  I would get in bed and it would still just feel hard.  With the 4Sleep Mattress I use nothing.  I climb into bed and it feels so soft yet still offers support at the same time.    My body just melts into the mattress- pure heaven I tell you!

Now the exciting part!  4Sleep is letting me giveaway one free mattress in the size of your choice!  Just follow me on instagram (@snoopnattynat)  to see how to win!  
Right now there is also a promo that ends tonight at midnight.  Use code 4SLEEP4PRES and you can take $100 off any mattress order.

The kids love it too!  They always want to get in our "comfy" bed now.  It truly is a family bed!

A huge thank you to 4Sleep for our new mattress and for partnering on this giveaway! 
Sweet Dreams indeed!


Keisha Dawson said...

We would love to win one, but will definitely be buying one if we don't win! The reviews I have seen are fabulous! My husband has struggled with back pain for years, which should not be the case with someone in their early 30's. Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

Brenda Haines said...

Thank you so much for the chance, I could really use a new mattress! When does the giveaway end?

Wright said...

I've been shopping/researching since the beginning of the year for a new mattress. Memory foam seemed out of my budget. Here's hoping for a win -win!

Unknown said...

We JUST bought a new mattress and it has changed our lives! I was thinking of getting a Casper in a box just like this one, but we had a Sealy posturpedic delivered from down the road because I chickened time, we will def order this brand! Way less expensive than Casper. I am a firm believer in switching out your mattress every 5 years! The King bed is a MUST have I'm obsessed with ours!


eastcoastbird said...

I am in love with this mattress! Definitely at the top of my list when we replace!!

Emily Clark said...

About to pull the trigger on the 4sleep... are you still happy with it? It's such a big purchase to decide on without trying it!