Friday, February 12, 2016

Style Files Vol 3 | Off Shoulder Obsessed

It is no secret round here that I love an off shoulder blouse.  It is such a fun look.
I really liked the ruffle detail on this blouse and the fact that it was black because I could wear it so many different ways. I figure in the Summer it will be cute paired with shorts and white jeans.  Now I like it paired with regular jeans and I just toss a leather jacket on over it when its really cold.  

These tassel earrings are my favorites.  I now have them in 3 different colors.
They come in so many different color options, and many are 50% off right now- HERE.

This purse.  I have been carrying it non-stop.   You can also remove the straps and carry it just as a clutch too.

The blouse runs on the large side, so I recommend sizing down.  I am wearing a size XS.
I am wearing the McGuire Jeans again that I featured last week.  They are such a great fit and they hold their structure and don't stretch out too much. They also sit higher on your waist which I like.  no low rise jeans for me post babies:)

MLM is a new label to me and I am quickly falling in love with all their designs.  They make the blouse I am wearing.  It also comes in the dress versions below, that are gorgeous.  Their line is not crazy expensive most items are under $200.

They also just came out with this stripe style that I love for the Spring.  I think the blue and white is such a fresh combo.

This dress is a little more expensive but I adore the floral print.  Would be perfect for any weddings or bridal events. 

I also wanted to mention Nordstrom's clearance sale started today!  I will be back tomorrow with some of the best buys. Below are 3 favorites sitting in my cart waiting for me to make a final decision!

I am especially loving this Joie blouse, the purple colors are so stunning.
This Rebecca Taylor blouse is even prettier in person.  The embroidery detail is gorgeous.

and this Rebecca Minkoff purse is 50% off in 3 colors.  I am tempted to get the pink.

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Unknown said...

Hi Natalie,

Quick question--I saw a few posts back you bought the Amuse Society beach bag and towel from Nordstrom. Do you like the bag? It's currently sold out but should come back into stock...I'm thinking about it....Thanks for your input!