Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gift Guide | For The Kids

I have had a few requests to share a gift guide for the kids.  So today is all about the kids.  I tried to share some toys that we actually own and love and others are on our wish list.  If you want to see my other gift guides so far you can check out my right sidebar, I will keep updating it as I post new gift guides.  

Kids Gifts

I just bought this for Sterling.  He is lego obsessed and I love that this had so many different colors in it.  The specific kit ones are fun but after they build whatever it is it's kind of like what now?  Sterling loves to just sit and build things he imagines so this kit is great plus I love the storage box.

They also have this version for the younger kids with bigger legos.  Frances loves the Duplos.  

Both my kids love stuffed animals and Frances is unicorn obsessed so this is perfect for her.

Sterling has this cute little unicorn dog and sleeps with it every night.
We gave Frances these dolls for her birthday with the Utopia Dream house and she loves them.  The dolls are so cute- like I kind of got excited about them.  I like the smaller size of them too. 

This is the Utopia Dream House.  I like it because it is not crazy big to store and Frances plays with it everyday.  I found Amazon had the best pricing for it.  The little dolls above work perfectly with it.  

I gave Sterling this last year and he loves it and still plays it.  I used to love this a kid too.
Frances Moon is obsessed with dressing up.  This is such a cute set.  Perfect for any girly girl.
Of course you need the matching princess shoes to go with the tutus:)  Frances saw this while I was working and freaked out telling me she needed these!
Both Sterling and Frances love to color and do art projects.  I think most kids love an art kit.  This is a great kit, we have tried a few different brands but I always like Crayola the best.  
This is perfect to go with the art kit.  We have had a few of these and the kids always love them.  

Both Sterling and Frances love to play dress up.  I think dressing is great because it helps them use their imagination.  This set is super cute and cheap.  
and for the boys this dinosaur one is pretty cute.

This is a really cool toy.  You can make 4 different vehicles and it lights up.  Sterling got this last year for Christmas and still builds with it.

Frances got this last year for her Birthday and she still loves it.  The quality is great and I love that it comes with the people and furniture included.  It is easy to store as well.

My brother had one of these growing up.  This one is 40% off right now.  Great for any sports lovers.
This electronic board is awesome.  Both kids love it.  It is especially great for doctors appointments or dining out when you want to occupy them without watching tv.

Finally I always like to give my kids pajamas for Christmas too.  They get so excited about new ones! 
These Hanna Anderson ones have Frances Moon's name written all over them.  She is princess obsessed and these are the best quality pjs.  Frances just informed me she wants Ariel and Rapunzel. 

and for Sterling I love these mustache pjs.

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KaylaMarie said...

Please do a gift guide for the husbands and dads! They're the toughest for me every year!