Monday, August 25, 2014

Thank You + Best Of Charleston Restaurant Edition

First of all a huge thank you to everyone who left a comment on Friday.  Thank you for taking the time to write such great thoughtful responses.  I read each and everyone of them several times. Then I took out a note pad and wrote down every suggestion and I will do my best to address them all and do a post on them.  It was so refreshing to hear from y'all.  I know several people complained that I was doing too much shopping stuff lately.  The thing is this blog is for me too, my happy place to be creative and dream about things I want.  So there will still be shopping and obsessions posts because I truly enjoy those but I will try and incorporate more real life posts and maybe a little less shopping.  I will also work on a Home Tour that was a big request from lots of you.  I feel like every room in my house is still a work in progress but I am sure most of you are the same way!  I feel refreshed with all the new ideas you guys gave me so thank you!!

Several of you asked for a Best of Charleston post and I have been meaning to do this to fill my Charleston Recommendations tab up top.  Today I am going to focus just on restaurants and then I will do another shopping and activities post.

These are some of my favorite restaurants and if I had personal pictures from my meals  I tried to include those too (all photos below are mine).  I do have to say most of these places are not super fancy.   I don't dine regularly at the expensive places DT, there are some fabulous ones though.  These places are not too expensive, most can be kid friendly too, and all have amazing food.  You will not be disappointed by of these places below.  Locals if you have a favorite restaurant I didn't include I would love to hear your thoughts!

654 King Street
This is one of my favorite lunch spots.  I pick up lunch to-go from here often.  The menu regularly changes but the kale slaw and Mezze Plate are always my go-to.  The Mezze plate is always vegetarian and changes weekly.  All the ingredients are so fresh and most are from local farms.  Everything I have had here is great.

 1922 Savannah Highway
If you want a fried chicken sandwich that will blow your mind you must hit up Boxcar Betty's. This sandwich is like no other.  You can build your own but I love the Boxcar which is fried chicken, pimento cheese, and peach slaw.   I am drooling thinking about this baby, their fries are pretty awesome too.

224 Rutledge Street
This is an awesome lunch or dinner spot.  The menu here also regularly changes but the Cabbage Pancake is always on the menu and a must.  Make sure you get it with the bacon, candied pork, and fried egg- trust me.  The black bean chicken is another favorite (pictured below).  They also have some tasty specialty cocktails.

162 Spring Street
This is a small spot you are better to get your food to go or visit their food truck at the Farmers Market on Saturdays.  Their tacos are amazing.  The five spice pork and braised beef are my favorites I always get one of each.  and try their Chinese Spice Iced Tea it is delicious.

1622 Highland Ave
This restaurant is located on James Island not far from where we live.  It is delicious, I actually had my Sprinkle for Frances here.  They use all fresh and local ingredients and switch up the menu often.  The flatbreads and veggie burger are my favorites here.  and if you like chicken livers they are awesome at Heart.

1219 Savannah Highway
This is a must for brunch or lunch.  Their omelettes are so good and I swear they have the best Shrimp Po Boy in town.  Also delicious is  their homemade pimento cheese sandwich, fries with Bearnaise, and the Garden Salad with pickled veggies.  I always order a side of the Garden Salad.

218 President Street
If you love Asian Food this place is a must eat.  It is fresh not greasy and always full of amazing flavor.  They also have some awesome cocktails as well.  I love the ginger beef, green bean chicken and the dumplings.

730 Rutledge Ave
This is the cutest little restaurant, they have a really cool wall filled with live plants.  A great spot for breakfast or lunch.  I love their avocado toast, kale salad, veggie scramble, and mushroom sandwich.  Last time I ate here Bill Murray was at the table beside me:)

152 King Street
This is hands down my favorite spot for wine in town.  Their charcuterie plate is out of this world good.  Huge wine selection as well and the staff is super helpful in helping to pick out wine and cheese selections.

698 King Street
This is a fairly new Restaurant and I just love the atmosphere here.  Plus they serve draft Rose in carafes, enough said.  Delicious fried chicken and shrimp sandwiches and great sides.

186 Comming Street
This is kind of off the beaten path but worth a trip. They focus on using all local and fresh ingredients.  I am obsessed with their noodle bowl, it is out of this world good.  They only serve their elusive cheeseburger on Wednesdays and it is worth the trip.   The cheeseburger is two fresh patties covered in the most ridiculous cheese sauce- pure goodness I tell you.
A really cool place with a eclectic menu.

481 King Street
For all you doughnut lovers this place is must stop for breakfast.  My two recommendations are the Maple Bacon Doughnut and The Purple Goat.

476 1/2 King Street
This is another great breakfast spot, no room for seating though you just pick up to-go.  I love the country ham biscuit and the grits bowl.  I also recommend picking up a container of her dillious dip and pimento cheese both are fabulous.  I frequently buy both and use them when I am entertaining.

2063 Middle Street
If you are vacationing out near the Isle of Palms/ Sullivans Island area you must try this place.  The interior is gorgeous and I am still dreaming about the salads and pizza I ate there.

Worth the Mention (a few other favorites) :
Great Mexican and Margaritas.  They have a great outdoor patio and this place is super kid friendly.

The most delicious cupcakes and cookies in town.  I love their Ginger Molasses cookie and almond cupcakes.

Awesome fresh wood fire oven pizza.

DELLZ DELI \\ 1 A Cannon Street
This is a hole in the wall, no seating room but the best wraps in town.  I love their Hummer wrap which is Black Bean Hummus filled with veggies and this awesome green goddess sauce. 

I am hooked on this juice bar in Mt Pleasant.  I love their Green Juice and Green Sweetie Smoothie.  A great stop on your way to the beach.

There are so many fabulous restaurants in Charleston, these are just a few of my favorites.  We are so lucky to live in a town filled with such great food choices.


caycee said...

I love you girl!!! And now I am starving and dreaming of our next lunch date ;)

Ally Harding said...

Great post!! Boxcar Betty's is truly out of this world. Beats my beloved Chick Fil A! I get the Mezze Plate at Butcher and Bee too. So good! I've started to go by Blend a lot of early mornings on my way to work and am obsessed with their juices. Charleston needs to slow down with the restaurants so I can catch up!

A Manolescu said...

Ok, too early for all the drooling I am doing! Thank you for sharing these...I have visited a couple (we go to Charleston usually once a year) and totally agree.

Oh, and Sugar did my wedding cake :) It was sister-in-law still talks about the cake!


Julia Ryan said...

LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOU BLOG!!! Just remember, at the end of the day this blog is written by YOU for YOU! You have created quite a following of people wanting to check that out. Don't let a minority of people with big ideas for your blog change you. If you want to continue to log your favorite finds, do it. If you want to show us your gorgeous house, do it. If you want take a nap and talk about that, do it. No one else is living your life or writing your story. XO

Unknown said...

Oh I may just print this post and stuff it in my hand bag for my next trip to The Holy City...which I want to go back now ASAP after this post. I've been drooling over Callies Biscuits over Instagram. Any Seafood recommendations? Good local shrimp/fish joints? I love "Mom & Pop" places too. Looove your blog BTW and think you do a beyond fantastic job at being creative. You and Caycee have made me want to start blogging. I'm a little trigger shy because of sticking my life out on the internet to be scrutinized. But on the flip I want to give back because I have learned a lot from you all! XO

Emily Satzger said...

You had me at draft rose...

Great recommendations! I live here and haven't tried half of them, there's a new place popping up every week. I am addicted to Blend, try the Always Be Closing(I subbed banana for avocado) it was delicious.

Emily from F is for

Jillian said...

awesome list!! just added the glass onion, lee lees hot chicken, park cafe and two burroughs larder to my restaurant wish list!! now im hungry. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Amanda | Kids and Cabernet said...

All of this food looks/sounds delicious! I can't wait to go t Charleston one day and hit up some of these spots!

Lindsay, XO Lindsay said...

My mouth is seriously watering right now! That was the best restaurant post anyone's done. I cannot wait to get back to Charleston to try some of these!! And yes, my house is also a work in progress, but home tours are still wanted. :) Mine will be coming soon, too. Happy Monday!

KatiePerk said...

You hit some of my faces, and some I need to try!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I am drooling! I've never been to Charleston and will keep all these in mind if I ever visit!

Alicia xoxxo said...

LOVE this post! Now I am homesick for the south :( But such a fun read for me. Hubs and I used to go to Charleston every year before we moved to CA. I would give my left arm for pimento cheese right now. I can't find it anywhere out here. All of the places you mentioned look fabulous.

natasha {schue love} said...

I am so beyond jealous of all of your amazing food options! SO want to make it to Charleston one day!!

Unknown said...

i love your fashion and obsession posts - I have made several purchases from them and have a wish list of other stuff I plan to buy in the coming months. So please dont stop those because people like me for sure enjoy them :) i am not a huge blog reader (yours is actually the only one I read daily) - I work full time have an 18 month old and am nine months pregnant - the 10 minutes I read your blog in the am with my coffee at my desk is my guilty pleasure. keep up the great work and dont listen to any critics - you are fab!

Amy Florez {Baby Mama Juice} said...

I have to get to Boxcar Betties and Leons ASAP!!!

Colleen Sullivan said...

I love this post! If I ever go back to Charleston I'll make sure to visit some of these places!

Georgia Glam said...

Draft Rose?!?!?! Yes please! Thank you so much for this post! We are going to Charleston in October and I was going to email you for recommendations but you saved me from having to do it! :)

Krystine @ said...

I cannot believe there are some I don't know and have never heard of! That pic from OD looks familiar - I dream about that pizza!

Melanie said...

please please please dont stop the shopping posts! i die for your style and seriously want to buy everything you post! your style is on point :)

megan said...

love love love your blog. including the shopping posts! you have given me such great ideas for my twins (like progeny shoppe in raleigh!!) can't wait to see your new posts + house tour, but keep on with the fashion posts, girl!

Aimee said...

Thank you, thank you! Great post. I can only imagine how hard it was to write everything down and post pics! I am coming to the area the end of the month and am so snxious to try everything I can. :-)

Sarah Vicars said...

Thank you for all these recommendations! I live in Greenville and we come down to Charleston a lot and are always looking for new places to eat. By the way I love reading your blog. :)

Cassandra said...

I'm about to pin this post! Thank YOU

linda said...

Thank you! I an hoping it visit shortly and this will be a great help!

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

All that food is making me hungry! Charleston looks like it has some amazing places to eat.

Unknown said...


I love your blog and have been a daily reader for over 3 years now. I am constantly inspired by your posts and how real you are! You tell it just like it is and I truly admire you for that. I've made so many of your recipes, love the deals and steals you share and am obsessed with your home styling. Everything is always so lovely! You should be inspired by all your fabulous readers. We all read because we enjoy YOU! So don't forget that:)

Keep Posting!

Oh and I can't wait to try Boxcar Bettys. Yum

Beau Vie Blog

Ginger said...

Such a timely post for us! We are coming to Charleston for Thanksgiving week--staying on Isle of Palms--and will definitely try out some of these restaurants. Being from near New Orleans, we are definitely a foodie family! Have a great day! :)

Kelly said...

Please keep posting your obsessions. I get so many great ideas that I would never know about. Thank you!