Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday's Style || 3 Recent Outfits + Gunner and Luxe

Happy Saturday Friends! I am switching things up a bit today and featuring a few recent outfits and a new favorite necklace.

First off today I want to introduce you to Gunner & Lux.  

You may remember me mentioning their kids line Little Luxe a few weeks ago.  Major love for their kids necklaces, you must check out their new Christmas tree necklace for the holidays!  Their adult line is equally is fabulous.  
They were sweet enough to send me this necklace and I just love it.  It goes with everything!!  I find myself tossing it on daily!
Many of their necklaces are one of kind but these Bilt & Tied Necklaces are not.  Thru the 23rd you can get 15% off any order with code GUNNER.  You can shop all their gorgeous necklaces HERE.

These three are a few of my other favorites:

We finally had some cold weather here and I was all about layering up.

We had our monthly girls Supper this week and I wore my Snakeskin Dress.  It is 40% off now and such a killer dress.

The skirt and top combo is also 40%.  Not sure I would pair them together but could be cute separately.  I actually really like the skirt.  It could look cool with a loose sweater or fitted tee.

Last night we went out to dinner and it was finally cold enough to wear my Banana Republic Jacket.  I love this jacket so much.  It is so soft and just a great long jacket.  In in a size XS, runs on the large side.

I am also loving this new Black version.  I have been really blown away by the BR stuff this season.

 Last night I also wore statement earrings.  I am usually more of a necklace gal but I am really starting to get into fun earrings!

I really want these too.  They look just like Loren Hope but a fraction of the price!


The Grass Skirt Blog said...

I love love love your checkered coat!
The Grass Skirt

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