Monday, July 18, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend+ Kid and Baby Sale Favorites

Good Morning! This is our first whole week this Summer that we are home with no camps or real plans this week.  I am excited for some downtown with the kids.  On our to-do list I hope to finally get back to the gym after hurting my back and I am planning to take the kids to swim in the pineapple fountain downtown!  

We had a really nice weekend, filled with lots of fun with friends.
Friday morning I had brunch some friends at Park Cafe. 

That evening we headed to the yacht club with my good friend Ashley and her family.  We ordered pizza and let the kids play.   It makes me happy how much my kids love hanging out with her 4 kids.  They are all so sweet together. 
We got to watch a storm pass by.  The kids tried to find shark's teeth but no luck this time.

Saturday morning we had 2 birthday parties.  One for my nephew and the other for my good friend Eliza's son.  
I wore this Trina Turk suit to my nephew's pool party that I ordered from the Nordstrom sale.  It is sold out on but may be restocked, I will definitely let you all know if it is - it is still available in the bikini and cover-up in the same pattern. 
I was able to find the suit online in a different color option.  I can't say enough great things about the fit,  the pattern, and style.  They all make for a very flattering fit.  For those curious about sizing I am wearing a size 6. 

Our next Birthday party was for my friend Eliza's son Ellis who turned one.   The party was at The Yacht Club and it was a sailing party.  They took the kids out for boat rides in the harbor.  Sterling had so much fun!
I can't stop laughing at this picture Matt snapped.  We told Frances no fire and she went straight for the lighter.  She is definitely gonna be my rebellious child. 
My sweet friend Eliza, who the kids adore.

Saturday night we headed over to our neighbor's house to swim.  I brought along this appetizer spread.  Several of you asked where I found the watermelon radishes- I found them at Harris Teeter,  they were in the section near the kale and cabbages.  I just love their beautiful pink color and they are so tasty.

Sunday it rained all day so were we pretty lazy.  We had a family trip to the grocery trip.  Sterling 
and Frances loved these stacked chairs.

Then we had our neighbors over for dinner.  Matt picked up some snapper from our local seafood market and I was in charge of sides.  I made a kale/arugula salad with watermelon radishes +fresh Parmesan and Baked Mexican corn.  You make the corn the same you would regular Mexican corn you just cut the kernels off and bake it.  I boiled the corn about 20 minutes, then cut the kernels, then layered in a dish with salt+ pepper, mayo + sririacha, and topped with crumbled queso fresco.  Then bake 15-20 minutes until cheese is bubbly.
I wore two items I ordered from the Anniversary sale and love.
I am wearing a size small in the tank, it has the cutest split back which I love.  The jeans run TTS.

Several of you have asked me for wine recs and I am working on a post soon to come with my favorite Summer wines.  This Whispering Angel is a great rose.  It is light and not too sweet.  I typically buy it at World Market because if you are a member the price is way cheaper than at the grocery store.

I had a little time to browse the kid's section of the Anniversary sale and wanted to share some of what I think are the best buys.  This is when I usually buy Sterling and Frances Moon Patagonia or North Face Jackets for the Fall because they are on sale.  I divided my favorites up by category: Girls, Boys and Baby.  Just scroll through to see the items and click on them to shop.
This is the best baby blanket.  It is so soft!  Makes such a great gift.


I chose this and this for Frances Moon.


Jenny B said...

I don't know if you watch the Real Housewives (yay for you if you don't, it's a terrible addiction). But the highlight of my week is the Bitch Sesh podcast by the two most hilarious women, Casey Wilson (from SNL, Happy Endings, Marry Me) and Danielle Schneider, an actress and writer. First, listen to the podcast because it will bring you joy, and listen from the beginning because then you will get all the little inside jokes, but second, Whispering Angel rose is a running theme of the show.

East Coast Chic {Natalie} said...

I love that TT suit and I'm so mad I missed it! I'm really hope they restock it because it's so cute. Looks like you all had a fun weekend!

Christina said...

that picture of you guys with frances holding the lighter is hilarious!!! everyone's face is priceless. OH i found a good and (really) inexpensive rose you might want to try. it's called dark horse rose. it's limited edition (whatever that means, ha, probably just season) but i liked it! it's a lighter rose but crispy and juicy. :) xoox

oh and here's the store locator for the rose: