Friday, October 7, 2016

5 Beauty Items I am Loving + Must Have Poncho

Happy Friday!  We are nervously watching hurricane Matthew and praying he veers off into the ocean before he hits Charleston.  It is so scary not knowing what will happen. I am sending thoughts and prayers to all you in Florida right now.  I know he has hit hard there and so many are without power. I hope power is restored soon and not too damage is done. 

Today I wanted to share 5 Beauty items I am loving and a must have poncho for Fall. 

My mom got me hooked on this lip color.  This goes on like lip gloss but lasts like a lip stick.  You can eat and drink and the color really stays on.  You apply the color first and then top with a layer of  clear gloss.  All the colors are just gorgeous on.   My mom and I both have the Tender beige color.  Yesterday I just bought Milky Blueberry a new shade out for Fall.  Trust me you will love these! 

Lotion is one of the main products I try to use a "clean " version of.  I feel like it covers so much of your body and really gets absorbed in your skin so it is important to try and find one without chemicals.  I have tried several so called clean versions and they all left my skin ashy, I felt like they didn't really moisturize at all.  Someone sent me a sample of this Beauty Counter Body Butter and I have been hooked ever since.   The scent is light not over powering at all and it feels so good when you slather it on and it really moisturizes.  A little goes a long way! 
I have mentioned my love for Tata Harper on here often.  I recently shared that she came out with a new Honey Blossom face mask that I have been using and loving.  I also highly recommend her Resurfacing Face Mask.  Well now for a limited time only you can try all three.  This includes the Resurfacing Mask, The Purifying Mask, and The Honey Blossom Mask.  You save about $20 by buying all three together.  This would make a great Christmas gift too!  Last year I gave my mom and sister the Purifying Mask as part of their gift.
Vamp and Particuliere are my two favorite Chanel colors but when I saw this emerald shade at the mall I fell in love with it.  It is the most gorgeous shade of green on. Such a fun shade for Fall.

I am always on the hunt for a mascara that I love.  Currently I am using this one and really liking it.  It goes on without clumping and I feel like it makes my lashes look thick and full.

I picked up the cutest poncho this week and wanted to share because it is currently 40% off.
With the discount it comes to under $50.  I wore mine last night with my pjs and it is so cozy.  I plan to wear it with leggings and skinny jeans all this Fall.  The poncho is one size fits all.

Here is what I wore it with last night:

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