Friday, October 14, 2016

Thoughts For Friday

TGIF.  This week has been all sorts of off to me because of the hurricane.  We have been playing catch up, cleaning up our yard, and just trying to get back in a routine.  We had to throw away everything in our fridge because the power was out for so long so I have been working on slowly refilling it.  We lost a lot of food but it is nice to have a clean fridge and start fresh.  I am thinking about and praying for all those people still dealing with flooding and trying to clean up the hurricane, I know so many had it worse than us.

Frances Moon has been full of herself as usual.  She dressed herself in this outfit for school and was so proud.  Her vest and shoes are Old Navy.

I finally finished Laine Moriarty's Truly Madly Guilty and I have to say I really didn't love it all.  It was so drawn out and kind of an anti-climatic ending.  I loved her other two books I read and this was one was disappointing.  I have since started Jane Green's Falling and I am already hooked.  Two nights in and I can't wait to get in bed and read at night.  That is the sign of a good book.  
This tee shirt is a new find and only $19.  It is great alone or layered under vests and sweaters.  It comes in 5 other colors.  I bought a size small.  
It also comes in a turtleneck version, only $25.

I finally got by the new Butcher and Bee this week.  You may remember it has always been a favorite restaurant of mine for lunch.  They moved into a new space and I was able to check it out and loved it.  The menu was perfection and I loved the light airy space.  I am sure I will be a regular here.  
 Sunglasses on sale.

I had a combination of veggies from the Mezze section.  They were all so good.  I had the kale slaw, pear salad, and carrots.

We also tried the crispy olives which were olives stuffed with cheese and anchovies, lightly fried and then served over pesto with parmesan cheese- holy yum.  These rocked my world.
Recent Outfit this week.

My next door neighbor, Rick Dean who does a lot of my blog and family photos had one of my readers recently contact him about a family shoot.  They were in town from Maryland and wanted a family shoot out at Kiawah.   The pictures turned out just gorgeous and how sweet are the kids?     I mean that background is beyond.   If you need Christmas or family pics Rick is da man.

I am headed to NYC next week with my mom, sister and sister in law for a girls trip!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  We have most of our meals planned out but I would love any recs of fun places for a cocktail or favorite shops!  

I have been on the hunt for comfy shoes for walking around NYC.  I ordered this pair from the Shopbop Sale.
Then I come across this Ugg pair and they look so comfy.  I am torn, I may order them too and see which feel better on my feet.

I took the kids to Sugar after school this week.   I forgot how amazing their cupcakes are and how I have zero restraint there.  I went thinking I won't eat a cupcake I will just buy one a piece for the kids and 6 cupcakes and 2 cookies later we left:)  I wanted to sample everything. 

Afterwards we stopped in Open Door Shop.  It is my favorite entertaining store in town.  I had ordered a few new serving pieces to pick up.  How pretty is their front door color?
These are the two serving pieces I picked up.  Terrafirma are my favorite serving platters.  They are all I use when I entertain.  They come in so many different patterns and best part they are dishwasher safe!   This size bowl is great for salads and the platter is perfect for a cheese spread or mini appetizers.

Today is the last day for the ShopBop Sale.  So far I have done 2 orders and I am restraining myself from ordering more.   Scroll through to see my favorites:

Have a great weekend!


Renee said...

Many home owner's insurance policies cover food spoilage. You should call your and check it out! Ours didn't even have a deductible!

Unknown said...

Definitely check out Lillie's Victorian Establishment for a neat place to get a drink. It would be a great place to go before a show or if you're near Times Square!

Anne said...

Very random, but check with your home insurance - many times you can submit a claim for groceries gone bad because of the storm! We had to do it a few years ago during a freak ice storm in Wilmington and insurance reimbursed us for all of our lost food (freezer & all!).
Also - those Joie sneakers are my mom-iform - so so comfortable! They'll do well for you in NYC. I LOVE that you've planned all your meals. Totally my type of trip :)

Chelsea said...

I adore her little outfit so darling :) Happy Friday Chelsea @

Unknown said...

Natalie, thank you for sharing our family pictures! I read your blog each day and this was so fun to see! Rick was the best-- thanks so much for the recommendation!

Francine said...

Hi! I live in NYC's West Village and have loved reading your blog! I might suggest:
Good - on Greenwich Ave and Bank St (West Village) for a killer happy hour every night from 6-8 and the sweetest bartender around!
Spotted Pig - West 11th and Greenwich St (West Village) Best burgers - ever! worth the hype - put your name down early and go for a walk on the Hudson River while you wait - better yet, go to Good for a glass of rose!
Malaparte - Washington St. and Bethune (West Village) - most delicious, authentic Italian food and great people watching - sit outside!

Beth W said...

For restaurants, it really depends on where you are staying. I live here in NYC, and have been using The Infatuation website for restaurant and bar recommendations:

My favorite restaurant lately is Pylos, which is a Greek restaurant in the East Village!

This store is very cool and might be up your alley:
Also, Coclico shoes are gorgeous and comfortable!!!



kelly said...

We just visited New York. I think a best kept secret is the fact that you can take a gondola ride in the middle of Central Park in the lagoon. There's only one gondola in all of New York City. It's a beautiful experience and the gondolier point out all the stars homes that live around Central Park. It's reasonable $40 and will be a highlight of your trip. The Boathouse restaurant is right there and perfect spot for cocktail. You will LOVE it. Call the boathouse for reservations.

Unknown said...

We went to NYC this summer, and had an amazing dinner at Annisa in Greenwich Village. I'd go back in a heartbeat to sit at the bar and order the Annisa cocktail and the foie gras soup dumplings!

Unknown said...

I have the Ugg slip on tennies and love them. I'm always tempted to wear them pretty much every day this time of year.