Monday, December 12, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend

Hello Monday.  Can you believe Christmas is 13 days away??  I have lots of shopping and wrapping left to do.  Hoping to knock it out this week!

Thursday was a long day after my girl's Christmas party.  Taco Bell was needed.  I know Taco Bell can be so gross but I secretly love it, especially a Mexican Pizza.

Later that night we met up with my parents for dinner. 
I had several questions about sizing for this sweater and it runs TTS, I am wearing a small.

For the next 2 days Baublebar is offering 30% off the site with code LOVE30.  This is a great time to buy gifts. These Crispin drops are my favorite.  They are light weight and come in so many great colors.  I am wearing the royal blue above.  
The Pinata tassels are another favorite of mine.  I wear my pink and ivory ones often but all the colors are gorgeous.

Friday morning it was so cold here!  I loved how adorable Sterling looked in his cold weather get up.

My mom and I did a little Christmas shopping and stopped in Antiques of Windemere.  Frances was really trying to convince me she needed this leopard chaise.  It was pj day at school that day hence her Christmas jammies.  

Friday night we had our next door neighbors over for happy hour.   
My blouse has the cutest split back, I own the white version too.  They are great basic blouses to dress up or down.  
What I wore:

I made sugar cookies for the kids to decorate and they had a blast! 

My neighbor Rick (he does amazing photography) entertaining the kids.

Saturday's outfit.  I ran a few errands and tackled laundry.
My sweater is now 40% off and only $23! 

I whipped up a chopped salad for dinner.  This is my favorite chopped salad I make it frequently for lunch. 
I use a combo of kale/romaine then add toppings:  chickpeas + cucumber + cherry tomatoes + hearts of palm + yellow bell pepper + red onion + kalamata olives + pepperoncinis.  
I usually just mix olive oil and red wine vinegar for the dressing.  

Sunday I took the kids to see the Nutcracker with a few of their friends.  I had grand visions of a fun afternoon but the kids weren't feeling it.  They told me they were bored a million times and kept asking when they could leave.  Then Frances started making farting noises and Sterling was asking why the boy's pants were see through. It was then I decided we should leave:)  I thought Sterling would be old enough to enjoy it but I knew Frances would be a wild card.  I will say at the Gaillard before the show they had cookies, ornament decorating and pictures with Santa that the kids really enjoyed.

Frances Moon's dress is available HERE.  If you love smocked clothes Smockingbirds has a great selection and great prices too!!  I just love her Christmas dress.

Frances Moon and her best friend Anna Louis.
Sterling and his best friend Oliver.
We didn't want to spend a ton on tickets since we didn't know how the kids would do so we were pretty high up.  I still really enjoyed the performance.  My friend Sarah and I joked that next year we would leave the kids and come alone!
This face cracks me up.

What I wore:
Have a great start to your week!


Taylor said...

Looks like a great weekend :) Now I am craving Taco Bell.... it really is just so, so good. Love your sweater with those OTK boots!

The Sarcastic Blonde

Unknown said...

Thank you for being so wonderfully and refreshingly honest in your posts about the kids. I am a mom of 3 and read tons of blogs. Most bloggers would have just posted the picture and said how much the kids loved it. I would SO much rather hear about how bored they were, because that's exactly how my kids would have acted. Love your blog and your honesty. Your funny mom stories are the best!

KatiePerk said...

I adore Frances' dress! It is so cute. I thought about taking SS to the performance, but decided to wait a year or two. I love the new look of the Gaillard.

A Dash of Pretty said...

Frances is so cute!!

Meggie said...

Can we talk about the girl snapchatting in front of you at the Nutcracker?! Hilarious!