Thursday, May 12, 2016

Favorite White Jeans + A Few Beauty and Food Products to Try

I posted this picture on instagarm last night but apparently after some software updates on Instagram and the actual links did not show up for some people, so I wanted to share on here.  

These jeans are by my new favorite jeans company McGuire Jeans.  I have two pairs of their blue jeans that I love, so I recently ordered these white ones and they rock!   As far as white jeans go these are awesome they have plenty of stretch, run TTS, are super comfy and not see thru.   The end of the jeans is slightly frayed which I like.  I have washed them and they still fit perfectly.   

The jeans also come in a short version that I am tempted to try out.

The blouse I am wearing is from a line called Hatch.   I recently went to a trunk show here featuring their line and fell in love with it.  It is created for women to wear before, during and after pregnancy.  Don't get any ideas I am certainly not pregnant but I do like loose fitting tops.  The fit is amazing and the blouse comes in blush and black as well.  Anyone of you pregnant mamas you should check out the line.  I hated spending money on ugly maternity clothes.  This line is awesome because it is not maternity so it still looks super cute post baby as well.  Pure genius if you ask me.  It honestly kind of made me want to be pregnant again the clothes are so cute.  You can shop the whole collection here
 I am wearing the white, but you can see the other two colors below:)

I have been hitting up Trader Joe's quite frequently lately.  I love that place, each time I go I find new things I love.  Currently I am obsessed with the pickled cauliflower.  It is crazy good.  I could eat that entire jar in one sitting.  I just went yesterday and bought 4 jars!
Matt and I also love the truffled mushroom ravioli.  If you like a truffle flavor this is amazing.  We serve it with Rao's marinera and fresh parmesan and it makes a wonderful meal.
Also excellent is the Hatch Green Chili Mac and Cheese.  When we get tired of our beloved Stoffers we eat this:)
I love a sweet nibble after a meal and these are perfect for that.  They are super thin and super tasty.  just beware it is easy to eat the whole container they are so thin!   

When I went to Dallas last month for our blog conference I met with a beauty company called Colleen Rothschild.   I like to try products out for a bit before I mention them on my blog.   I have been using the clarifying detox mask now for a little over a month and really love it.    It is made with activated charcoal and French Clay.  It really helps even out skin tone and your pores.  When you put it on it tingles a bit and then feels really tight.  After I rinse it off my skin feels so amazing.  I use this 1-2 times a week.  It is currently on sale for $36, which compared to many other masks I have used is a great price point and it lasts forever.  I have hardly put a dent in mine.  
I like to use this cream after my mask.  I have super dry skin and this feels so good.  It is super moisturizing and when you wake up in the morning your skin feels so smooth and refreshed.

I recently went to a Trish McEvoy make-up event and purchased a few products.  
I am loving the lipstick and eyeliner I bought.  I bought the lipstick in the color Flirt.  It is a great color for everyday or night.  It is such a flattering shade of pink not too light or dark.  Right now at Nordstrom they are offering a gift with purchase too if you spend $75.
I bought the gel eyeliner in the navy color.  The rep showed me how to do a smokey eye with it for a nighttime look and a thiner line for the day.  It is super easy to apply and goes on smoothly.  I really like the navy for something different, it makes your eyes pop.


Kathy Olson said...

You look so pretty in that all white outfit!

Unknown said...

Love the top! I've been debating getting it, but you might have convinced me:) Are you wearing the standard size or P?

Ramona said...

I want that top! You look great in it. :)

Unknown said...

Have you ever heard of The Polkadot Alley? I don't have any affiliation with them, but I've bought a few of their pieces before and loved them! Every time I shop them online it reminds me of your style ☺️ You can find them on FB!