Monday, May 16, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I can't believe there are only 2 weeks of school left before Summer.  This year has flown by.  I can't believe I will have a first grader next year, sniff sniff.

Thursday night I hosted supper club at my house.  We have a group of about 6 of us and we rotate houses every month and host supper club.  It is always a fun night and I get so excited about busting out my pretty table linens and dishes.  The girls always appreciate the things the men don't!
Glasses are vintage
I wore this Anthropolgie dress I picked up last weekend.  It also comes in grey and green.  I am wearing a size small.  It is lightweight and so soft.
Always so much fun with my girls.

Friday my mom was in town so we surprised Sterling for lunch at his school and ran a few errands.
That night we enjoyed some the leftovers from Supper Club as an app + Greyhounds. That cauliflower below is the Trader Joe's pickled kind I mentioned on Thursday, it is so good!

Saturday morning we hit up Glazed for Doughnuts and then the Farmers Market.
They had the coolest new booth at the food corner, it was homemade cotton candy.  The kids loved it.  The flavor combinations were really cool.  Sterling choose root beer.

That afternoon we hit up the pool.   You may remember this suit from my obsession post last week, well I ordered it and LOVE it! I am a sucker for a flattering black one piece.  Always a classic look!  I am wearing a size 6, runs slightly on the small side.

We had happy hour with my parents that night and then gilled fish with the kids.  We had some fresh mahi that was incredible.
Wearing my white off shoulder blouse again.  Several of you asked about sizing from my post Thursday.  I am wearing the size O/S.

Sunday was church.
Frances Moon's Dress is Shrimp and Grits Kids
Followed by brunch with a view:)
Sunday afternoon we cleaned house and put a new swing up for the kids, then we went to the yacht club to let them play.   They love watching the boats come in.  and yes, Frances is just wearing underwear (Paw Patrol of course) she is not potty trained but it is her new obsession to wear undies over her diapers.   Thinking potty training is not too far off.

 Sterling found a horseshoe crab and was so excited!  He promptly put him back in the water, but it was cool to see it up close.  A woman at the yacht club told us they use their blood for certain types of cancer treatment which I found fascinating.

Sunday Dinner was Black Bean Cakes with Avocado Crema and Corn Relish + Squash Gratin, two old recipes from my blog but both are fantastic!

Have a great week!


Marychris said...

Love the table set up!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the love! Come see us again!!!

p.s. we do kid's birthday parties as well;)

- Pure Fluff Co.

Heather A. said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! We saw a ton of horseshoe crabs out at the beach- must be mating season! As always, those recipes look delish, I'll have to add them to this week's dinner lineup!

xo Heather
Sweet Tea Jubilee

Unknown said...

Hi Elizabeth Burns and Lindsay! UGA girls! Too funny. Tell them Caroline (Beall) Brackett says "hi"

I love your blog, btw. It's gotten me in lots of trouble ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Ann Burns and Lindsay! UGA girls! Tell them Caroline (Beall) Brackett says "hi"!
I love your blog, btw. It's gotten me in lots of trouble!
-Caroline Brackett

Unknown said...

Meant Ann :-)