Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What to Wear to a Spring/Summer Wedding

I have had several reader requests to share ideas of what to wear to Spring/Summer weddings.  This post is perfect timing because we actually have a wedding here in Charleston this weekend.  I  ordered 2 of these dresses to try out, so stay tuned I will report back what works!   I know some people don't mind splurging a bit on a dress if they have a several occasions to wear it to but others want to spend less. I broke this up into two section with the bottom portion being cheaper versions under $100.  There are some really fabulous options.

wedding dresses

I just ordered this.  I saw someone wearing it in Dallas and fell in love with it.  It also comes in a dark blue floral print.  

I love the strap detail and fun colors on this dress.

This dress is so simple and gorgeous.   I would wear some fun statement earrings with it.  It also comes in a pale pink color.

I love the hot pink color paired with orange.

The pattern and neck of this dress are gorgeous!
I love the fun blue and white pattern and of course the off shoulder style is my favorite.

I just adore the floral print on this dress.

I love anything in this gorgeous nude tone.  It also comes in navy.   To me this dress is super versatile great for a wedding or date night or baby shower etc. 

UNDER $100 

This dress is only $52!! The back is really gorgeous too.  I love the beige but it also comes in black, hot pink and mauve. 

This beauty is under $100 and comes in 9 different color options.

I love the stunning back on this dress.  

This comes in 2 fun prints as well as navy, black and bright blue.

This is right at $100.  It also comes in pink.
This is only $68!  I love the black and white detail. 

We can't forget  about shoes.  I always prefer a neutral pair of shoes.  I think you get more wear out of them and they just tend to go with more outfits.  Here are 6 of my favorites that are perfect for a dressy wedding or daytime wedding.



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I love a good maxi that can be dressed up or down for warm weather weddings! That Mara Hoffman one you just got is fabulous!