Monday, May 23, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend

Good Monday Morning!  This is the last full week of school for both kids, so I have lots I hope to accomplish in my few free mornings!

Last Wednesday I ate lunch at Co with my friend Ashley.  Co is always so tasty.  Charlotte friends they just opened one at Park Road Shopping Center!   This time we tired the Mango Summer Rolls and Chicken Salad and both were delish!  the Mango Rolls were served with the most amazing peanut dipping sauce.

Friday night Matt worked on his boat and the kids and I watched Full House- our favorite show to watch together.  Matt and I enjoyed a dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives.  It is one of our favorite weekend drinks.
Saturday the kids and I hit up the Farmer's Market with some friends.  Of course we stopped at Glazed first.  We tried two new doughnuts they had, Blueberry Ginger and Smores.  They both were pretty incredible.
Someone was clearly excited about her doughnut.
Lots of gorgeous produce from the Farmers Market.  I have never cooked purple cauliflower before but it was too pretty to pass up!   This tote is the perfect size for toting all my Farmer's Market goodies.  It comes in 6 different colors and all the totes are made by women who have overcome adverse situations.

That afternoon we took all the kids to the pool.  My cover-up was recently reduced and this cooler is the best.  It is the perfect size for snacks.  We use it all the time.
Another day another bathing suit.

Matt participated in a fishing contest and won for the flounder division!   This was his winning fish! 
Sterling couldn't wait to get his hands on it too.  

Sterling had a sleepover Saturday night with his best friend Oliver.  They are just the cutest together.
Sunday Frances and I headed to church.

Sunday night we had some friends over for dinner and fried up the flounder Matt caught from his tournament.  I always think cole slaw goes perfectly with fried fish so I set off to Pinterest to find a recipe.  Well the first one that popped up was the Chick Fila recipe.  I loved the Chick Fila slaw and I was so bummed when they stopped serving it (and the brownie).   I made the slaw and I have to say it was awesome and tasted just like the Chick Fila version.  I actually shredded my own cabbage but if you wanted it just like Chick Fila's version I would buy the chopped cabbage bag.

What I wore:
A few people have asked about my dining room chairs and these chairs are actually at my parent's condo.  They have been in town quite a bit recently and have floor to ceiling mirrors so I usually just snap a picture when I stop by there.  

Have a wonderful Monday!


steph said...

Your family was so lucky to have fresh flounder for dinner. Yum! I'm going to have to try that coleslaw recipe. I can never seem to find one that I'm happy with. I never had a chance to try it from CFA. It's odd that they would discontinue one of the more healthier items on their menu. Red Loster also makes a good coleslaw.

Chelsea said...

Love your outfit!! I am so glad he won his with his fish!! How much fun
Happy Monday!! Chelsea @

Unknown said...

where's the necklace in the first photo from? thanks!