Thursday, August 18, 2016

Artist Spotlight | Nan Jones

Meet Nan Jones!  

There are so many things that inspire me and art is a big one!  I love finding new artists and being able to share them.  Nan is an artist based out of Raleigh, NC and it is such a small world because it turns out Nan is good friends with two of my childhood friends.  What I love most about Nan's art is the layering and deep textures.  Nan uses a variety of knives, brushes, and paint to achieve this look.  She does mainly abstract landscapes  

We own two pieces by Nan.  Our most recent piece is a painting I had her to do for Sterling's room.  I am still trying to tweak his room and make some updates since I really have not done much to it since he was 2.5 and moved into a big boy bed.  Next up is a fresh coat of paint for the walls.     

Sterling loves anything nautical and sea related so I knew I wanted a painting of the ocean for his gallery wall in his room that we are slowly making progress on.    
Nan's painting fits in perfectly.  
My mom found that shark's head at Target- how cute is it?

I just love the painting.  I gave Nan an idea of colors and what we wanted and it was even better than what I had envisioned.   Matt loved it so much he tried to high jack it for his office.  The colors are perfect and so soothing.  

We also have this painting by Nan hanging in our hallway.   We have had it several years now and it keeps moving places but always seems to look good wherever we hang it.   It is a bit different style than what we did in Sterling's room.  This style is more of the textured layering.  

 Nan has graciously offered 10 % off the purchase of any of her works with code ARTLOVE. The discount will last til September 1st!  These are the 3 websites where you can find her work and use the discount code.

Nan also does commissioned pieces as well. You can email her for more details on that.

A few other paintings by Nan that I love.   They are all so gorgeous! 

If only I had space for all of these beautiful paintings!  
Thanks to Nan for letting me feature her artwork!

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Her pieces are gorgeous!!