Friday, August 26, 2016

Thoughts For Friday

Happy Friday Friends!  We survived week two back to school and are finally getting back into a good schedule/routine.  Sterling has his first spelling test today,  I can't believe all this is starting in first grade.  I helped him study last night and I think he is gonna do great- thank goodness he is a better speller than me:)

Wednesday I went out to dinner with a few of my best girlfriends to celebrate the first week of school.  We tried out Little Jack's Tavern.  I had heard rave reviews so I was excited to try it out and it did not disappoint.  Between the 4 of us we had the Chopped Salad, Artichoke Gratin, Roasted Veggie Salad, Tavern Burger and Crudites with Avocado Mouse.  The Crudites were so simple but so amazing.  They were drizzled with olive oil and thick sea salt.  Dipped in the avocado sauce it was the perfect combo.  I can't wait to try and make this at home.

I wore my new Mara Dress.  I just love the pastel colors.  I am wearing a size small it runs TTS.
I love this picture of me and my friend Krystine.  We were clearly excited for a night out.
All of us ladies.

Two new favorite accesories for Fall.

I am so excited because I just heard Narcos is coming out with season 2.  We just finished up Bloodline so this is perfect timing! 

My friend Jess who writes the blog Bare Beauty Blog just had her eco friendly home featured on My Domaine.  She did a wonderful job with the space using sustainable materials yet still keeping the historic charm of the house.  Speaking of how gorgeous is Jess?  If you don't follow her blog you should!  She has such great tips on clean beauty products and clean living.

I am currently working on Frances Moon's big girl room.  She is so ready for her big girl bed and keeps asking me when she gets to sleep in it.  She has even been napping in Sterling's bed while he is at school,  so I know she is ready!   I will be sad to take down her crib but I am happy because my sister in law is pregnant and she is going to use it!   I ordered a few things so far and this adorable unicorn lamp just arrived today.  
Frances is unicorn obsessed these days.  My sister in law gave her this unicorn purse and I think it may be her favorite accessory yet!  
My favorite McGuire Jeans are now out in a new gray distressed wash that is amazing.   I love the fit of these jeans and this color is so fresh for Fall.
I just started this book and it has immediately sucked me in.  I read almost 100 pages last night.  Download it if you want to read something inspiring and moving.  Glennon's  stories about motherhood, marriage and life in general are so funny and relatable. 

Have a fabulous weekend!  I'll be back tomorrow with some fun Saturday shopping deals! 


Unknown said...

Glennon is amazing. I bought 2 copies of this book, gave one away and then passed in my book- it is one to be shared :) enjoy!

Unknown said...

Such a cute dress! I haven't seen Narcos yet, but will have to check it out. I've been looking for something good ever since we finished Bloodline. Have a great weekend!

Jenny B said...

My fav netflix this year was Stranger Things-watch the first episode and it will suck you in!