Monday, August 15, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We were up bright and early to get Sterling off to his first day of first grade.  He is excited so that makes me feel so much better.  Last year when he started kindergarten I was so nervous and apprehensive but this year I don't feel that way as much.  I am sad Summer is over I truly wish we could have had like 2 more weeks.  But not my choice so back to the grind we go.  I took this picture this morning before we dropped him off- he seems so grown up.  

Friday morning we stopped in to meet his teacher and see his classroom.  Frances kept asking if this was her desk too.  
After that Sterling had his last day of tennis camp and Frances and I headed to Huriyali.  I had heard so many great things about it and was excited to try it out.  I got a green juice that had kale, cucumber, green algae, and spirulina and avocado toast.  Loved them both, I will be back again.

Frances is in a phase where she likes to take a book everywhere.  Usually it has to be a paperback book not a kid's book and it makes me laugh:)  She pretends to flip through and read it.
Her dress and blouse in this same stripe are on sale.  I love the rainbow stripes so much!

Friday night we went to our friend's pool and swam and ordered pizza.  The kids had a blast.  
Loving this tassel + stripe cover-up.  It is under $100 and also comes in this fun print.

Frances playing with her cousins Drew and Avery.  Because a water spout is more fun than the pool sometimes.  

Saturday I hit up the gym and then ran a few errands.  A friend sent us this picture from last weekend and I love it.  A definite framer.
My bathing suit is still on sale- I am in a size medium.

Saturday night Sterling had a friend sleepover.  Matt and I cooked a delicious veggie dinner and watched Bloodline.  We made Cauliflower steaks and they were so good.  I used this recipe and used capers instead of pine nuts because I didn't have any. 

Anyone else love these mini Sofia cans?  I always buy them at Target they are great because sometimes I just want a glass of champagne and hate to waste a bottle after opening it.  My embroidered blouse is now 60% off!  Size down it runs on the large side.  I am wearing XS.

Sunday morning the kids were up super early so we headed to the Variety Store for breakfast.  You can't beat the views.

I love their Greek Omelet and of course I always need a side of bacon.

Sunday's Best.  I picked up this dress during the Loft sale and really love the fit.  It is great for church or work.  The material is thicker and I like the black/tan stripe combo.

That night Matt picked up some fresh fish for dinner and I made this chopped Thai Salad.  It is hands down one of my favorite salads.  It is so light and refreshing!  Perfect for Summer- you can see the recipe HERE.

As a treat I sometimes let Sterling sleep with me.  I remember growing up when my Dad was out of town and my mom would let us take turns sleeping with her and I always loved it.   So since last night was the night before school started and he was a little nervous I let him sleep with me:) I snapped this right before we went to sleep.  Love my sweet baby boy so much.  
Have a great start to your week.


E Hayes said...

Ha! I love that you can buy the Sofia cans at TARGET!! It's basically impossible to buy booze in PA, so looking forward to perks like those when we move south!

Ramona said...

So sweet! Wishing your little man a great year! And, I'm jealous of your Sofia cans. Here in NY, Target is not allowed to sell them. :(

eelaroo said...

I don't like to admit defeat. I've been googling like crazy trying to find Sterling's batman shoes and I have failed. Could you point me in their direction so I can make my superhero obsessed son the happiest boy on earth. Thanks!