Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello Pacey

Happy Friday to everyone! I hope you all enjoy the long weekend! Here is a little eye candy to brighten your day! Remember when Joshua Jackson was on Dawson's Creek? and dating Katie Holmes before she got all weird on us and married Tom Cruise? He was always cute in a kind of dorky way. Well not anymore, he is Hot! Diane Krueger is one lucky lady, well except the fact they have been dating like 4 years and he has yet to pop the question, but that's Hollywood! Here are some photos of his new spread in Nuvo Magazine.


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Wish me luck as my husband has 5 high school friends all coming to stay in our tiny house this weekend. Normally it would be fine, but the baby definitely makes this situation a little harder! I feel like it is going to be one big fraternity party at my house all weekend. Oh well, boys will be boys:)


Erin said...

Are they all staying with you?! Let's hope they drive and don't ride their bikes this time...haha!

Mama L said...

Oh Natalie, I feel for you! I’m sure your little boy will welcome the new energy in the house, but I can only imagine that maintaining a scheduling will be harder. Meanwhile back at the ranch, PACEY! Whewww! Where did those chubby cheeks go? Men do get so much better with age....except Mickey Rourke..

Jess said...

Holy hot - who knew Pacey would turn out to look like this?!

Good luck this weekend!! Hope you survive the bro-mance :)

Palmetto Priss said...

LOL! Natalie, you are in for a long weekend! As for Pacey..
one word.. H-O-T! I would photograph him any day!!