Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Operation Den Spruce Up

As quickly as I tire of the clothes in my closet, I tire of the decor in my home. Last weekend my parents were in town and my mom and I did some home shopping. I really want a new couch and two chairs for my den, but that is just not in the budget right now. For a quick fix my mom and I rearranged some furniture and switched out pillows. It made a huge difference in my opinion. The room feels fresh now when I walk into it. I had been feeling like the room was too neutral, so we searched for some geometric pillows to give the room some personality. I think it worked for now:) I am trying to save for some new furniture, so as I buy that I will keep you updated on the progress of the room. Please excuse all furniture, it was all bought or passed down to us before we got married and really none of it matches. I kind of cringe at the gold/orangey color of our couch and chair now. It is a very hard color to decorate around. And the love seat has seen better days. After two dogs and a baby, its fabric is filthy. But you gotta work with what you got, right?



By switching the chair and the love seat, it really opened up the entrance into our house. I am loving the new pillow on this chair!

The love seat now sits where the singular chair used to be and it makes a cozy little corner. Eventually this is where I would like to put two matching chairs. I am kind of obsessed with these geometric animal print pillows, they make me so happy! So, that is my updated room, still no where near what I want it to look like, but a nice change of scenery for now!


Unknown said...

PIllows are a great inexpensive update! I have changed the pillows 3 times in our family room. I hate our couches too, but as you will see...be glad you don't have custom made beautiful furniture, it will continue to get torn up as your toddler jumps on the couches and pillows.

Erin said...

It looks sooooo good! Love the pillows!