Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Citrus Lane, Best Idea Ever for Kids

Have you Moms heard about Citrus Lane? About a year ago my friend Katie got a box from here and showed to me and I thought wow that is so cool.  Her son is Sterling's age and Sterling was enamoured with everything in the box.  Then I promptly forgot about it til I saw an ad on FB recently.   
 What Citrus Lane does is send you a box each month with toys and items designated for your child's age.   Sterling absolutely loves helping me get the mail and whenever a package comes he always asks is this for me?? I think he is going to be so excited about getting these packages every month.  You can sign up for one month or up to 6 months.  We get our first box in July and I will report back then with what is in it and if we love it, but for now you should try it out and take advantage of the promo.  If you click HERE you can get $10 off your first order!  That brings your cost to $15, such a steal!

Here are a few samples of monthly boxes for different ages.  You enter your child's age and sex and then they design the box based on that.  Such a cool and fun concept!  I also think this would make an incredible shower gift- the gift that keeps on giving!  
Get your box HERE!

** I am not being paid for this post I just think it is a really fabulous idea!**


Mo City Princess said...

I signed up through your link. :-)

Alicia xoxxo said...

I love Citrus Lane. I like to give it as a gift for new mommas!

Matters of Style said...

Good to know!!

Katie said...

Just signed up! Thanks for sharing...I hadn't heard of this. What a great idea. Too funny about Sterling asking if a package was his. My son always asks if the packages are his....most of the time they are mine! ;)

Nat said...

Such a great idea for kids! Thanks for sharing