Friday, June 6, 2014

Favorite Beach Snacks + My New Swimsuit

First off, I had several questions about the dress I posed yesterday.  I am wearing a size 4 for those that asked about sizing.  It is a generous fitting dress so order your actual size or go down a size.  Yes you can wear a bra with it, I wore a strapless bra and it worked perfectly.
Happy Friday, I am not gonna lie, I am a bit sad as today marks our last day of vacation.  It has truly been a wonderful week with perfect weather and I loved spending so much time with my family.  These are memories that I hope my children hold dear like I do.  I will definitely share some pictures from our trip next week. Today I wanted to share some of our favorite snack foods from our beach week!

\\ SPROUT FRUIT AND VEGGIE CHEWS- the kids love these.  They are a mix of vegges, fruit and rice.  Super healthy but tasty.
\\ YUM-A-ROS- another kid favorite, they are dried banana, mango, and pineapple, they also come in other flavors.  Us adults loved them too.
\\ BEAR NAKED GRANOLA- Delish granola in milk, on yogurt or just for snacking
\\ SASS PINOT GRIGIO- a refreshing pinot even Ramona would love:)
\\ 479 WHITE CHEDDAR AND BLACK PEPPER POPCORN- seriously delicious popcorn
\\ COCO CAFE- This is a mix of coconut water, espresso, milk and vanilla, mocha, or chocolate.  You drink them cold and they are so good.
\\ CARRS CRACKERS- Love these thin crackers to serve with cheese
\\ TAPAS CHEESE SELECTION- all three of these cheese are so tasty and best part they are sliced in thin strips already for serving purposes.  So easy to just to place out with crackers. You can find this pack at Costco.
\\ PLUM CHUTNEY- This comes from Whole Foods and we served it with the goat cheese log for a killer appetizer
\\ GOAT CHEESE WITH HONEY- This goat cheese with honey is one of our favorites from Trader Joes
\\ FIG SPREAD- we also served this with the goat cheese and crackers
\\ KRAVE BEEF AND TURKEY JERKY- This beef jerky is truly the best beef jerky I have ever had. It is so tender and the flavors are awesome.
\\ DARK CHOCOLATE POWER BERRIES - the perfect sweet bite for a snack.
I have to share the most perfect swimsuit I found.  I have a hard time finding swimsuits I feel good in, that make me feel comfortable and confident.  After two kids I just don't feel awesome in a bathing suit anymore.   I still wear a bikini sometimes, but for the most part I just feel more comfortable in a one piece and its easier for dealing with kids.  When I tried on this bathing suit it was love at first sight. The pattern is so gorgeous and the cut out sides give it just the right amount of fun without being too much.  I am wearing a medium for those curious about sizing.  Added bonus it is reversible so you can wear it as a plain black suit too.  It is on major sale right now so get it while you can!

 It also comes in pink which I equally love.
Shop pink here.

This bathing suit has really made me fall in love with Mara Hoffman and her fun patterns.  A few other Mara Hoffman favorites and many are on sale! 

Have a great weekend!


Annie {} said...

Thanks for the snack recommendations! I've been wanting to find some new options for the work day, and this is a great start! Hope you enjoy the last bit of vacation. It's so bittersweet, but I'm sure you all have made wonderful memories as a family. AND - you look amazing in that swimsuit! xo

Unknown said...

All these snacks sound delicious...and now I'm hungry! And I've always loved Mara Hoffman's fun patterns + bright colors but have never pulled the trigger on one of her suits! Loving the one you picked! Happy Friday!

Respectfully Submitted said...

You have a terrific figure, I really enjoy your blog, and you seem to be a very nice person, which is why I feel compelled to say that Mara Hoffman bathing suit is horrible. It even looks dreadful on the model. Please, for the love of God, get rid of that bathing suit.

Jillian said...

mmm i want to try that popcorn! sounds delicious. have a great time on your vacation! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

You look seriously fabulous!!!! Goat cheese and honey sounds so good!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

That suit is really stunning on you. Please ignore that other comment. It's just her opinion. I love it! I have a similar suit with the sides cut out. If I have too much wine or cheese it looks terrible on me (love handles). Looking great my friend!

natasha {schue love} said...

Love the just look fabulous!! xo

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Thanks for sharing your fav snacks! Cheese, crackers and dried fruit - my kind of eating. I would love a Mara Hoffman dress. They are gorgeous. That suit is so fun! If you feel great in it and love it, then that's all that matters. I would love to look as good as you do in a suit!!

Unknown said...

That suit is adorable and you look amazing!! All those snacks look new to me so I can't wait to check them out! Glad you had an awesome week.

Leslie said...

You look fabulous!

Laura said...

You look awesome btw (seriously!) but I am with you on the one piece. Sometimes it's just easier to play with kids when you don't have to worry about someone pulling your top off. Plus it's nice to just relax and not be thinking the whole day "am I holding my stomach in enough?"

liz said...

Those snacks look yummy! If you haven't ever tried it, you should try the fig preserves served over port de salut cheese. It's the best!