Monday, March 28, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend | My Birthday + Easter

My birthday fell on Thursday last week so a few girlfriends and I decided to go out Wednesday night to celebrate.  Usually I would celebrate the day of my birthday but I had promised the kids we would go out to dinner as family.  Little did I know I would awake at 5:30 on my birthday to Sterling sick as a dog with the stomach bug.  It was honestly the sickest I have ever seen him.  I spent the bulk of my birthday cleaning up throw up and then promptly collapsed into bed early that night, so I was thankful for a night out Wednesday. 

My outfit Wednesday.
Joie Dress also here | T Marie Earrings | BR Sandals (use code BRSPRING for 40% off) | Gigi Tote

I switched purses at the last minute for a smaller one.   I bought this Tory Burch one last year before I went to NYC and it is such a great size.
We tried out Darling Little Oyster Bar.   Such a cute new spot. downtown on Upper King Street.

 The Paloma drink was so refreshing.  They use fresh squeezed juices and fresh herbs for all their drinks.
I had the fried shrimp basket with kale slaw and vegetable salad.  I loved it all! 

Thursday and much of Friday was spent with a sick child.
This was Frances before her Easter Egg hunt at school, she was clearly very excited:)

Her dress is Carters and 50% off right now:) | Sandals | Twine & Twig Necklace

The weather so gross and rainy Saturday so I baked my favorite cupcakes for Easter + my Birthday. Recipe is Here- they are so easy and seriously delicious.

Saturday I took the kids to Gwynn's to see the bunny rabbits.  We do this every year, they love it- and I love to shop afterwards:)

I was lusting after these two purses.  I didn't buy either but loved them both!

Saturday night Matt took me out to dinner for my Birthday.  I picked The Lot one of my favorite JI restaurants.
Outfit Details:

We sat outside which is covered and heated and got to watch the coolest rain storm.
Our entire meal was amazing but these two salads were my favorite part.
Sunday we woke up and did Easter Baskets and then hit the road to Charlotte.

We arrived in time for an Easter egg hunt!  My dad made these Easter baskets for us when we were kids and the kids love them!  He actually made us new versions for our kids but I have left ours in Charleston!
Frances is wearing my favorite Lilly dress, I want it every color for her it is so cute!
My little Easter bunnies.
Enjoying the Veuve, always our favorite champs of choice.
My dress is currently 40% off online only with code SHIP40
Dress | Necklace (stay tuned for discount code tomorrow for my necklace)

Always love getting my newborn fix with my nephew Rutledge.
My sister is the wearing the Vince Camuto dress I blogged about a few weeks ago.  She and my mom both ordered it and it is even cuter in person!  My mom bought the other color option.
Angel face.
My feeling after an indulgent weekend:)


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Looks like a great mix of family time and birthday celebrations (despite Sterling's getting sick). I love that blue bag! Also loving FM in Lilly and your sister's dress!

Unknown said...

I'm glad no one else caught the bug!! Can you please share your tips on successfully containing the dreaded stomach bug to just one person in your family? Do you use bleach like crazy? Did he make it to the toilet each time when he was sick? Thanks!

Kyle said...

Glad you were able to celebrate your bday before and after the stomach bug hit! I just got the RM purse you pictured in almond with gold studs. I absolutely love it!! Reminds me of the Hermes, Evelyne.

eastcoastbird said...

Stomach bug struck last night for us with my son! Praying no one else catches it but I feel like I was really in the mix of it so I'm not too sure! Stay well and happy birthday!!

Kelly said...

I am so sorry Sterling was so sick!! That is just the worst!!! I have to respond to the comment asking about how to contain the stomach bug. I had a friend share an article recently from the website, The author is a mom of three who does experiments with bacteria and different cleaning methods. Basically, hydrogen peroxide is the superior cleaner. Her articles are fascinating and well worth a read.

Tassles and Fringe said...

My birthday is this Thursday! I should've crashed your party last week! lol

Sarah Ashley said...

The picture where you're holding your baby nephew with your sister is super cute! Your hair looks shorter in that pic and it looks like it would be an awesome length on you, since you mention going shorter here and there. :)

Love your blog and style.

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday! What a fun time (minus the sickness, poor kid)! Frances's face before her Easter egg hunt is priceless, too cute. I am loving those sandals she's wearing there too. Speaking of sandals, all the fringe in this post is just perfection, love it all!

Erin, Attention to Darling