Friday, March 11, 2016

Thoughts For Friday

The weather has been amazing here all week.  I swear it puts me in better mood.  I think it is so true vitamin D is good for you!

Target has been on point lately with the little girl's stuff.  I found this dress in store and could not believe it was under $20.  I promise it is even cuter in person. The material is nice and thick with embroidery.

Pink Chicken just teamed with Target too.  The line is beyond adorable.  I ordered Frances a few things that I can't wait to arrive.
A few of my favorites.

The kids and I enjoyed a beautiful dinner at Ellis Creek Fish Camp last night.  They love all the games there and the view is amazing. We shared a fried shrimp and fried oyster basket and it was delicious.
I ordered this Lily dress for Frances for Easter and she has insisted on wearing it the past two days.  I guess I chose well, I loved the vintage feel of the pattern.  She is also chapstick addicted these days, she loves to pretend put it on:)

I made a really easy couscous salad for lunch this week just using items in my fridge.  I used Israeli Couscous + cherry tomatoes + cucumber + red onion + kalamata olives + orange bell pepper + fresh mozzarella and parsley.  Then I drizzled olive oil and red wine vinegar ( and salt and pepper) over it.  Super easy and tasty.

I am really digging this bathroom with the graphic wallpaper and thick marble slab.

My favorite rose (Moulin De Gassac Gulihem) just came back out with a new vintage, so I was happy to enjoy a glass outside.
Wearing BR Sandals that are now 40% off with code BRCFIT
I am tempted to order the heel version since they are on sale.
I love idea of the green or bright blue for a fun pop of color.

The kids have been all about all the Easter treats that are out right now, so one day after school I let them choose one treat.  They of course both choose peeps on a stick.   They had more fun sword fighting them than eating them.
Frances Moon's Dress is Petit Peony (their spring line is amazing) + Mocs
Did anyone else love Rainbow Brite when they were kids?  I saw this display at Hallmark and I can't explain how excited it made me.  I loved Rainbow Brite when I was younger! I want to go back and buy a few things to surprise the kids with!

I stopped in Loft this week and they had some really cute tops and dresses.  I bought a few things including this off shoulder top- I know I clearly have an addiction to off shoulder tops!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Melissa W. said...

Happy Friday!

R's Rue said...

Have a great weekend

Lindsay Wagner said...

What size is your top? I feel like Loft always runs big, but I wanted to make sure before ordering. Thanks!

natasha {schue love} said...

So fun I LOVE Rainbow Brite!

Georgia Glam said...

That couscous salad looks delicious! We attended a four course dinner a few weeks back and almost your exact recipe was the salad course! Can't wait to make this! I am totally digging the off the shoulder trend! I'm hoping to find a great dress for my 30th birthday!

Ann + Robert said...

I've noticed the super cute little girl clothes at Target lately! Wish they would step up their game in the little boys department! #boymom

Frances is such a doll! Have a great weekend!

Chasity @ Haute Mommy Blog said...

OH wow, I'm picking up the ice cream bubble ASAP. I never really like Target's baby-kid stuff, but this one is adorable. I think I need the green fringe heels, too!!

Unknown said...

Wow! Rainbow brite! I need something.

KatiePerk said...

Santa hooked SS up with Rainbow Brite and Twink dolls. It brought back glorious memories.
I loved FM's Easter Lilly dress. They are so cute! I am loving this weather too. I
hope it sticks around.

Caz Wilson said...

Love this bathroom! And I can't believe Rainbow Brite is back! Used to love that as a little girl.

E Hayes said...

I was a Rainbow Brite obsessed child. My whole bedroom was rainbow brite down to the curtains, full on tacky character bedroom, ha. My brother sent the girls Starlite and Twink the sprite for Christmas. I actually still have my Rainbow Brite (quite worse for wear) in storage. The show was redone and is on a Hallmark owned channel. I think it's Fuze or something like that, we don't have cable so I can't get the app on our tv. Okay going back into my nerd closet now.

Morgan said...

Love the new Pink Chicken and Genuine Kids lines at Target right now, too!. Just a note to moms with older kids...they are both in Big Girls sizes online (not necessarily in stores). My daughter is ten and often likes the simpler designs Target offers in the little kids section, and not the fringe, sparkle, rhinestone stuffed stuff in the Big Girls section. We already got a few of the PC items I ordered online and they are really cute and nice quality. And PC has some women's items, too! I ordered a few but haven't received them yet. Will let you know!

Unknown said...

Hey! I just bought those BR sandals and am not quite sure if I love them. They seem to rub a bit on the side of my toe....even after I sized up. They look super cute on you though!!!!