Friday, March 18, 2016

Thoughts For Friday

TGIF Friends!  We have a fairly low key weekend with no real plans and I am not gonna lie I am excited about that!

We booked our place in St Maarten a few weeks ago and we finally booked our plane tickets this week so I am pumped.  It feels real now and it is only 3 months away!!  Of course I am already planning outfits and this Mara Hoffman dress is sure to come with me!  It runs on the large side, so size down.  I got an XS.  It also comes in a gorgeous blue color as well.

Frances Moon's Pink Chicken for Target dresses came in the mail and they are even cuter in person.  I love this watermelon one!  Right now clothing is buy one get one 50% off at Target too!

I am going to attempt to make these layered rice krispie treats with the kids this weekend.  They look so cute and the recipe claims they are easy:)  They are made with melted peeps! Recipe Via.

I have a few trips coming up this year and I am so excited about my new Barrington Gifts travel items.   I have a few of their larger totes that I love.  They have so many fun patterns for the Spring.  Although warning I spent way too long playing with patterns and monogram colors.  It is so hard to decide!

If you are looking for a great everyday lip color I am loving the Beauty Counter Lip Sheer in Twig and Rose.  Twig is the perfect nude and Rose gives you the perfect light hint of pink.  I think I am going to try the Coral next.

I have been into drinking this detox tea.  I really like the flavor and it is caffeine free.  It is supposed to be cleansing for your liver too:)  I drink it a few nights a week before bed.

I took the kids to see Zootopia last weekend and I loved it.  Although I think I liked it more than they did.  It was such a good movie with a great story line and moral.  I highly recommend it.

Sterling made the most elaborate trap for a Leprechaun this week.  I just love how big his imagination is.   I love the sign he made that says "gold in there" to try and lure him in:)  

A few of my favorite Equipment pieces from this Spring were just marked down and are on sale right now.

Wearing size Small.

Wearing size mall.

Wearing size XS.

Have a great weekend. I will be back tomorrow with some awesome weekend deals!


KatiePerk said...

Hooray for planning a vacay! The leprechaun trap is awesome.

Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

Great pic of you and Matt!
Also, I made those multi colored rice krispee treats last year! So fun!
Have a great wknd!

Chasity @ Haute Mommy Blog said...

Going to buy that leopard dress right now - thanks for the heads up on the sale! And OMG how funny is that leprechaun trap? Georgia was soooo excited when she woke up yesterday because I wasn't wearing green (yet). She was convinced she could follow me around until the leprechaun showed up to pinch me and finally get to see one in person, haha!

Alie said...

Wow, Sterling has a great imagination! That pipe cleaner & tape thingy with crayon spikes! And Lucky Charms hehee! I love the leopard dress, but still too expensive for me. You rock that dress! Love the blue one on you too! Have a great weekend!!!

R's Rue said...

Have a blessed day.