Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Dreaded 10 + Losing it + A Sample Daily Diet + Workout Gear

 I had a physical two weeks ago and had to be weighed.  I used to weigh myself regularly but lately I have been avoiding the scale.  It is because I know I have put on some weight.  I can feel it, my jeans are tight and my stomach is not as flat as it usually is.  As I stepped on the scale I found myself closing my eyes.  Praying for a certain number.  When I opened them I was shocked.  I thought I had maybe gained 5lbs but that number showed 10lbs from what I normally like to weigh.  Now I was fully dressed with shoes on, so I like to think that maybe that accounts for 1-2lbs, but either way I have 10 pounds I need to shed. 

My main problem is portion control and snacking.   I eat fairly healthy for the most part but I have just felt hungry lately, eating more than I normally would.    I found myself finishing off the kids dinner and then eating a dinner of my own.  I have been eating way more bread and pasta then I normally do and eating seconds after dinner.  Part of the problem too is I have not been eating enough protein.  Matt lost weight when he turned to a meat free diet and I gained weight because I was eating more cheese, pasta and fillers.   

I am sharing all this on here because I want to hold myself accountable.  

It has been 10 days since I started trying to control my portions and I can already tell a difference with my appetite.   I did a similar diet to this before my wedding and it really worked.  It is heavy on protein with minimal carbs and sugar.  During the week I try and be really strict but on the weekends I accommodate for some splurges.  So far I have lost 3lbs.  It is a slow process but I know it works and the weight will stay off.

I wanted to share a sample daily meal plan of what I eat during the week.  I know there are a million different diets out there and I am no nutritional expert but this is just what works for me.  My mom and dad have been following the plan with me as well.  We all felt like we had a fairly indulgent summer.

1 Boiled Egg + Morning Star Sausage Patty + Avocado + Tomatoes
I try hard to stick to this breakfast because the egg really keeps me full.  I do get sick of eating boiled eggs and when I do I have oatmeal instead for breakfast.  I also drink a cup of black decaf coffee and  a cup of hot lemon water.

Asian Kale Salad + Two Turkey Cheese Roll-Ups + a Pickle
I have really tried to be consistent with this lunch as well.  The turkey also keeps me full.  If I don't have a pre-made salad made I sometimes have sauerkraut on the side.

Salmon Cake + Butterbeans + Heirloom Tomato Salad
For dinners I have tried to mainly eat salads, veggie plates or fish with veggies.  I have also tried to eat early like before 7 if possible.  If we make tacos, I use lettuce for the shells and make substitutions like that to avoid carbs.

I have really tried to cut back on snacking but sometimes you just need a snack.  When I do I will have nuts, usually pistachios or drink a V8 because it helps fill me up.  
I have also been trying hard to up my water intake.  We have a measured fill on our fridge and I try and drink at least 50 ounces a day.  
I still have wine, I can't totally cut that out- I need it for my sanity!  However I only drink water and unsweetened green tea during the day.  No other drinks with sugar.

 I hurt my back this Summer right after St Maarten and I am still not sure exactly what happened to it.  I tried to run once on our beach vacation and that really pushed it over the edge.  I was in so much pain and could barely move certain ways.  6 weeks later it is finally better but  I have avoided running because of that.  Instead I have tried to do barre class more regularly and walk some.  I aim 4 days a week at barre.  The barre class I attended is called extreme barre and I frequently leave class drenched in sweat so I know I am getting a good workout!  

It is always fun to have new clothes to workout with.  I treat myself as a reward of losing weight and getting to the gym more often.  I know its silly but I get a little excited about the gym when I have a new outfit to wear.  Below are a few of my go-to favorites.   Many are on sale and I denoted that beside them.

Sports Bra (on sale)
I love this style sports bra because it really supports you when you work out.  It hooks in the back like a regular bra ad really keeps your chest area secure.

I like light weight tanks and ones that are not super fitted when I work out.  This style is great and only $20 right now.

These high waisted leggings are my favorite because they really suck everything in!  I am partial to the black but a few colors are on sale now.
They also come in some really fun prints in the high waist style.

I own like 4 of these tanks.  I love them especially for running but they are great for yoga and barre too.  I sized up to a medium in these because I don't like my tanks fitted. 

I enjoy this style for yoga and barre class.  It is a lightweight material.

My favorite shorts.  I love the fit of these because they have a thick waistband and the leggings are not fitted.  Also on sale in blue print.

Nikes are my favorite workout shoes.  I just ordered these from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and love them.  They come in 4 color options.
My sister gave me this Yoga Mat for Christmas and I love it.  It is a good thickness and I don;t have trouble sliding on it like I did my old one.   They come in a bunch of other patterns here too.
Great to toss on for those chilly mornings.  I sometimes run in mine too if it is really cold.

This is s bit thicker then the previous one.  


Unknown said...

Love this! Do you make your salmon patties or buy them? If you buy them where do you get them at?! Thanks!!

Sara said...

Thanks for being honest. Make this a weekly part of your blog for a while, it's helpful. I also have the Brooks shorts and agree about them. Like them more than my Nike tempo shorts. Good luck!

natasha {schue love} said...

Love this--I have been trying to lose the last 8-10 lbs from having Wyatt and it is really clinging on! Love hearing how others eat--it really helps!

Tess said...

Im following - or trying to - a pretty similar plan. It works for me too, if I'm consistent, so I'm trying to push through and really see noticeable results. I made your stuffed meatballs (without the cheese) and served it over spaghetti squash and it was a huge hit!

ACL said...

Ugh I am marathon training and my hunger is out of control. I am considering postponing but am terrified I will balloon!!! I really need to up my protein too I am alllll about post dinner treats these days

Kerry said...

I just went for my physical too! I am up 10 pounds from where I want to be too. Its so hard. My main problem is snacking and the kids food too. Ugh its the worst. Keep it up girl your doing great.

acryer said...

So appreciate your transparency! I'm also up 10lbs due to the summer splurge and your post was just the motivation i needed. Thank you for such great ideas for meals. Love your Asian Kale salad recipe! Do you still juice?

Katie said...

I am in exact same boat...I was shocked when I was weighed at a recent Dr. appointment. I know mine is due to being more lax about my diet and alcohol!! I know I don't want to completely eliminate my drinks, but may I ask how much you drink per week and still see weight loss?

Caz Wilson said...

Good luck - I'm trying to cut weight out without depriving myself. If you haven't read it, can I recommend Bethenny Frankel's Naturally Thin - very much changed my relationship and perception of food.