Friday, August 19, 2016

Thoughts For Friday

TGIF!  We have survived our first week back to school and back to the grind!  Thank goodness Sterling loves his teacher and his class, he has not complained once this week about having to go to school and that makes me so happy.  I feel so blessed we are zoned for such a great school. 

My neighbors gave me this coffee mug and I think it is so funny!  Drinking my coffee in it this morning:)

I can't get over how grown up Sterling looks after this Summer.  He really is the sweetest boy, he makes me so proud. 

I could not help but laugh on the first day I took Sterling to school.  Once he was gone Frances made a beeline to his room and grabbed all his favorite stuffed animals that he never lets her touch.  She was so proud of herself.

Frances doesn't start school til after Labor Day and it has been nice to have some one on one time with her.  With two I never feel like I give either of them enough one on one time.   She is rocking my sunglasses on our lunch date. 

My Off Shoulder Dress from this Summer is now on sale plus extra 30% off.  Not many sizes left, I just wore it again this week.   It is such a great easy and effortless dress.

We are having happy hour with our neighbors tonight and I think I am going to make these heirloom tomato cups.  I have so many cherry tomatoes from the Farmer's Market and this will be a great way to use them! 

I have started 3 books in the past few weeks and I can't seem to get into any of them.  I want a book I am excited to get in bed to read- any fabulous book recs?  I just downloaded the new Jane Green book Falling and I am hoping it does the trick I usually love her books- and if you have not read any of her books I highly recommend Tempting Fate, Saving Grace, Summer Secrets, and Family Pictures.

I am loving all the new Mara Hoffman pieces that are coming out.  I recently ordered this dress and I am planning to wear it Saturday night.  

As many of you have probably heard the big Lily Pulitzer sale starts Monday.  In the past I have not had a ton of luck for myself at Lily but I am really loving some of the new styles.  I have found a few dresses I love and I always love the Elsa blouse.  I also adore the little girls dresses, I am hoping to snag a few for Frances Monday morning. 
This is a recent Lily dress I bought and wore last night.  I love the fit, it is loose swing style.  I am wearing a small if you are curious about sizing.  
A close up of the colors, they are so pretty.

I randomly bought these quinoa bowls because they were on sale at Harris Teeter and I really love them.  They are a great easy lunch.  I even mix them into my greek salads if I don't want to eat them plain.  You don't have to cook them or anything you just mix.  Super easy and tasty.

It is no secret I am a huge fan of Beauty Counter products.  My sister and I recently decided to team up and be consultants.  It was a no brainer because we love the line so much.  I will share more about that and our favorites next week,  but if you love face masks as much as I do you must try this new Charcoal face mask!!  It exfoliates and detoxifies your skin with a mix of clay and charcoal.  It really makes your skin feel and look amazing.
Happy Friday! 


Heather said...

Have you read the new Emily Giffin book? The Girls by Emma Cline is very good.

Taylor said...

I always love your suits + cover ups! I'm reading Truly Madly Guilty and really liking it - it took a little bit longer to get into than some of her others though!

Unknown said...

Hi - keep us posted on the Jane Green book. I read Tempting Fate after your rec and enjoyed it. Have you read Lies and Other Acts of Love? Really good! I also read Last Original Wife by Dot Frank this summer. It was really good!

Carri said...

Have you ever read any of Liane Moriarty's books? She's my new favorite author and there hasn't been one book of her's that I haven't been so excited to read every night! The Husband's Secret, Big Little Lies, and What Alice Forgot are all so good! She just came out with a new one a few weeks ago that I'm saving for my vacation!

Lauren said...

Have you read any of Mary Kubica's books? Really liked The Good Girl

Eris @ The Pink House Reno said...

Read "secrets of a charmed life". Best book I've read in a long time!

prince snow farm said...

Glad the school year is off to a good start! Thanks for sharing the tomato idea! I will try this! Happy Sunday!

Dina said...

How ironic, I was hoping to find a good book rec on your latest posts! I 2nd Mary Kubica, The Good Girl was a great, fast read. I also just read The Sound of Gravel by Ruth Wariner, for book club, loved it as well. I can't find anything to read right now, maybe I'll try a Jane Green book, thank you!