Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sadie + Stella Show Some Love

Hi pretties!  Hope your day is off to a fabulous start!  Today I am guest posting at one my newest favorite blogs, Sadie + Stella. 

If you have not read Lindsay's blog you need for realz.  Girl is hilarious, always making me laugh.   When I read her posts I always feel like I am talking to a friend and cracking up.  She has impeccable style and taste in home decor and she loves some good food and cocktails- a girl after my own heart.  And did I mention she has two of the cutest pups around?

Check out this old chair she recently recovered.  Freaking amazeballs, right??  Head on over to her blog for lots more eye candy!
Today I am sharing my favorite room in our house and by favorite room, I mean the cleanest because it rarely gets used.  Add a kid to the equation and every room in our house is covered in toys,  finger prints and food crumbs.  This room was pretty much the only one that was picture ready:)  Here is peek, head here to see the rest!


Taylor said...

love your guest room! home goods is incredible - I got so much stuff for my apartment there. giuliana and bill were on a shopping spree at the one next to my boyfriends apartment on their show last night and it made me antsy to go buy more things I probably don't need!

Lauren said...

Natalie! You should totally do a post about your college years. We bet it would be amazing, and now it is the perfect time since graduation is coming up!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

A peek at your lovely abode??? I'm totally all over it (c:

andee said...

please add a direct email link to your blog. I like it but only follow blogs that are sent to me by enail. It is due to hand injury and there are lots of people who get frustrated with the blog servers. You will increase your readers. Thank you for a great blog when I remember to check on it,'Andee

Mary said...

Love your guest room! I have a HomeGoods just up the street. A little to close, actually cuz I'm always there.
Can I ask what is the color of your guest room walls? It looks just like the color I painted my living room.