Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Broccoli Salad + Saks Sale

I originally was not going to post this recipe, I figured not too many peeps cared about broccoli salad but after posting a sneak peek of it on insatgram I got several requests for the recipe so here you go.  This salad would actually be perfect for the holiday weekend.  This particular version is mayo free, now don't get me wrong I love the mayo version but I was looking for something a bit healthier so I created this version and honestly it is really good. If you can buy the tomatoes at your local farmers market, they add such good flavor.  I used a pack of the microwave bacon because it was quicker but I imagine this would be even better with fresh cooked bacon.  The dressing is a light Dijon vinaigrette and it pairs really well with the broccoli.  I had all intentions of putting feta in this, but of course forgot it at the grocery store, so I subbed white cheddar.  I always grate my own and use Cabot or Cracker Barrel they have the best flavor!  The white cheddar was really good.  This saves well in the fridge for several days.  Enjoy!

|| B R O C C O L I    S A L A D ||

- 1-2 heads broccoli chopped up into fairly small pieces
- 1 pint cherry tomatoes (quartered or halved)
- 4-5 green onions sliced
- 1 package bacon cooked and crumbled
- Sharp white cheddar cheese shredded
- 1/3 cup olive oil
- 2 tablespoons dijon mustard
- 1 garlic clove minced
- 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar or champagne vinegar
-salt and pepper

Whick together olive oil, dijon, vinegar, garlic, and salt and pepper.  Place all the veggies in a bowl with bacon and cheese and toss with dressing.

And if you need an idea for sandwiches to go with this salad try these out.  We bought a fresh loaf of bread at the Farmers Market and then layered whole grain mustard, sliced salami, and brie.  They were out of this world good!  We packed all this up for an evening boat ride but it would be great for a picnic too!


Saks just started a huge sale 70% off!  My favorite tie dye sweater is 70% off, I just love mine!!  

The Rag and Bone Nicole tank is now only $50!  Shop the whole sale here.  I rounded up my top picks.


204 Park said...

Looove the sweater! Xo, S

CarolinaBlues said...

i love when you shop for me.

iopcatg said...

I am buying the shorts immediately!

Love the post!


iopcatg said...

I am buying the shorts immediately!

Love the post!


Unknown said...

That broccoli salad looks delicious and I'm not usually a big broccoli salad fan!! Love that tie dye sweater on you too!

Chic Boston Mama said...

oooh I'll have to check out this sale!!! I am a huge fan of broccoli and always forget to add it raw to salads… must try.

Candace Karu said...

The broccoli salad is definitely going on the rotation this summer...thanks!

Kelli said...

This salad looks wonderful! I have made a few of your salads and we love them...
Love your blog....I am a newer follower and look forward to new posts.