Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kid and Baby Favorites

Today I wanted to share a few favorite Kid and Baby products that we love and use often.  I always love recommendations from friends and hearing about new baby and kid lines and these are a few of our favorites.  Would love to hear your favorites as well!

These are the best baby glasses around.  They fit their little heads perfectly and come in a variety of colors.  They even offer an polarized version.  For the next week if you use code Designerbags you can get 20% off your purchase.  We use ours all the time but they are especially great on the boat and beach.  They come in infant and junior sizes.
Shop all the glasses HERE

Babiators also just came out with these swim goggles that I have to say are awesome.   They don't let any water seep in at all.  They are on the pricey side but worth it to me, Sterling will actually put his face under water with these on.  So many cheap goggles I bought him leak and these don't.  You can use the 20% off on these as well:)  Shop Here

I am a huge fan of Boon products.  I use all the ones pictured below on a daily basis.  The drying rack is awesome I have two for all our bottle parts and sippy cups and I also have three of the flowers to hang pacifiers and bottle accessories on.  The bath toys are great, they are the perfect size for Frances Moon to pick up and hold and Sterling loves them too.  If you have a baby the feeding spoon is a must I always have mine in my purse for easy feeding on the go.   I also use the feeding bowl for Frances, I love that it has suction underneath so it sticks to her high chair and the ledge helps catch spilled food.
 I use the sippy cups for Sterling, they don't leak and I like the look of them.   All Boon products are well made you won't be disappointed with any of these.


|| Little Lux 
I am just smitten with this adorable line of kids jewelry made by a Father and Daughter duo.  Riley is 5 and the mastermind behind the whole line- probably why so many kids love the necklaces!   They were sweet enough to send Sterling and Frances Moon necklaces and they are beyond adorable.  I love that they make boy necklaces too- Sterling loves his Indian chief.  Shop the whole site HERE

|| Peter Brown Books
These books have become a favorite around here.  We own all his books and love them.  Such cute, quirky kids books.

peter brown

|| Native Shoes + Puma Shoes
These are the only two pairs of shoes that Sterling wears for the most part.  The Natives are great year round.   I love that they are plastic and can be washed but are way cuter than crocs.  I just love the look of Pumas plus they are Velcro so he can easily put them on himself.

 and for the girls I love these Minnetonka Mocs.  They are a great price at only $20 and come in so many cute colors.
|| Minnetonka Mocs

|| Honest Company Detergent
I use and love most of the Honest Company products but the diapers and this detergent are my favorite.  Both of my kids had bad eczema as babies and other detergents even baby ones irritated their skin.  This one never does and it actually cleans clothes really well too.

 || 4 Moms Pack and Play
This Pack and Play is by the same company that created our beloved Mamaroo Swing.  My sister bought one and turned me on to how awesome it is.  It is so simple to put together and take down, literally one pull and it collapses. Frances is at the age where a pack and play works great, I can sit her in it with toys and she is contained.  It is great for traveling as well.

|| Zebi Baby
This is a line I was not familar with when Sterling was born but I just love it for Frances.  They make the cutest patterns and everything is organic and so soft.  I was gifted several of their items when I had Frances and we still use and love them!  They would make a great baby gift for any new mom!

Blanket | Burp Cloth Girl Set | Bib | Burp Cloth Boy Set | Whale Onesie | Fox Onesie | Leggings


What are your favorite kid and baby items?
Sterling wanted a picture with all his favorites:)


caycee said...

I love the Boon products!! And those books look adorable, I will now have to check them out!!

Jillian said...

those mini mocs are so cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

mandy mcgregor said...

I always love seeing what other mommies recommend and use every day. Such a fan of the boon & honest products and adore the Little Lux line too! Your kids are so adorable Natalie :)

All Dressed Up In Love said...

Love Peter Brown books.

The Grass Skirt Blog said...

I am such a fan of Boon products. I am pinning everything here!

The Mini Skirt

Georgia Milton said...

The sunglasses are really the best on the market. I want to ask you about that no dip bowl - is that real? I looked at them and wondered if I have to buy some.
Chiswick Upholstery cleaning

Unknown said...

These are all great! Especially love the cute jewelry and shoes and I want to try those glasses, we practically live on the boat!

Unknown said...

so cute. www.favoricanta.com

Junkshow said...

I seriously considered the 4 Moms pack n play but I thought the price was outrageous. It's funny when I think about what I'm willing to spend money on. For some reason, the Graco pack n play seemed just as nice and sturdy and so much cheaper. But on other things, I'll spend a ton of money - such as my super fancy stroller. Or a real crib or my glider/snuggle chair. But somehow, dropping $200 on a pack n play just seemed ridiculous to me.